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4 days ago Conner Van Asch (Chesster) said:

I found this video on Facebook and typed up the stuff the guy Nick Vujicic said.

"I had no arms and no legs but I'm very thankful that I have this little chicken drumstick here. People freak out when they see me for the first time. It's so cool I was at a water slide, all by myself, everyone at the bottom of the slide was looking up waiting for other people to come down and then I come up there freaking out. I was so tempted to look at myself and say what happened?! There were times when I sort of looked at my life I can't-do this, and I can't-do that, and you keep on concentrating on the things you wish you had or the things you wish you didn't have... and you sort of forget what you do have. And there is no point I believe in my life where I wish I had arms and legs I wish I had arms and legs I wish I had arms and legs, BUT, wishing won't help it. What I've seen in life is a couple of few principles, the first thing I've seen is to be thankful. It's hard to be thankful, man I'd tell when I was eight years old I sorted summed up my life. I'm never going to get married, I'm not going to have a job, I'm not going to have a life of purpose. What kinda husband I am going to be if I can't even hold my wife's hair? It's a lie to think you're not good enough, it's a lie to think you're not worth anything! I love life you know so many come and say how come you smile so much? And I'm like well it's a long story. But it's very simple at the same time. You see it's very hard to smile sometime in life there are things that happen in life that you don't know, that you don't understand, you don't know if you're going to get through it. You know you go through your storms in life and you don't know how long the storm is going to be. And today I want to share with you some principles I've learned in my life that you could use in yours. Being patient and beautiful I'll tell you are the hardest things. But I realize I may not have hands to hold my wife's hair but when the time comes I'll be able to hold her heart, I don't need hands to hold her heart. You know it is scary to know how many girls have eating disorders, it is scary to know how many people are angry at life because of their situation at home. And angry at others. It's scary to know how many people feel like their worth nothing. Every single girl right here and right now I want you to know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE GORGEOUS JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. And boys YOU'RE THE MAN."-Nick Vujicic



8 days ago BeautifulCreature said:

Oops, I also meant to ask which story or poem you would want me to do a swap on. -Beauti


11 days ago Kayla Amaro said:

Hellooo! This is an invitation to be one of the first to join my new group: Kayla's Writer's Workshop! It's more on the collaborative side where you can get help and learn some tips for writing.

You can work on creating characters, brainstorming concepts for stories, and review some lessons I have on different aspects of writing. I also offer free beta reading, free reviews, and covers!

If you're interested, join today! ^^

Fox ash

11 days ago That one creepy crazy fangirl said:

WAssUP?!?!?!!? Caps lock stopped working halfway through that word...

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12 days ago Mina Autumn said:

Oh, I don't have one I wanted to start. I was just curious.

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(20 days ago)

Amazing. It was beautiful and well written. I could feel the emotions, and every detail gave me a new view. This is amazing. Great job. Read More »


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I think that this was a great book so far. But there are some run-on sentences, and it is a little choppy. You could add a little mor, sh... Read More »