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    The Little Green House

    Inside that little green house down a hill, up the stairs down the hall inside a room in the back on the left, in the dark corners of …

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  • Prostitution
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    A poem about a young girl name Penelope. She's every mans dream and fantasy, to everyone else shes just a prostitute but she knows she…

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    You are a Tree

    Trees. Life Air Nature The tall beauty created to give and showcase it's magnificence to the world. It's a wonder that God creat…

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    Diary Of A Socially Awkward Girl

    Name-Christine Honeythrone, Home-Small condo in New York Manhattan, population 1 (also including insects living in the dark corners of…

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3 months ago Emma said:

Thank you for the comment on my story! I promise I'll do my side of the swap sometime soon, but I'll be busy the next 3 days or so. I'll try to get to it sometime tonight. Do you have a specific book you'd like me to read?


3 months ago BubbleGum B!tch said:



3 months ago Sam Maxwell said:

Just posted a new story, check it out I hope you enjoy! Its very personal it takes you back to the good old days at your favorite family member's house.

I'm still in the process in the of still having writers block of "Diary of a socially awkward girl" wish me luck!!


3 months ago Emma said:

Would you like to do a swap? My current WIP is "Re-Written Dreams", which I would really appreciate you reading. It's a collection of stories based off of my dreams, each one is about 8 minutes long. Feel free to read one or more than one! I will read anything of yours in return! :)


3 months ago Andrea Maller said:

Hi! I'm trying to get feedback on a novel I'm working on called Vision Zero. I would appreciate any and all comments you have about how I could improve it. Sorry if I already asked. Thanks!!!

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Life Street

(3 months ago)

It makes me think of my childhood, I had to leave my friends and where i grew up. Even family member's whom i was very closed to left and... Read More »