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    A poem about a young girl name Penelope. She's every mans dream and fantasy, to everyone else shes just a prostitute but she knows she…

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  • 45042-twisted-tree-branches
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    You are a Tree

    Trees. Life Air Nature The tall beauty created to give and showcase it's magnificence to the world. It's a wonder that God creat…

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    Diary Of A Socially Awkward Girl

    Name-Christine Honeythrone, Home-Small condo in New York Manhattan, population 1 (also including insects living in the dark corners of…

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about 18 hours ago Meg Hobler said:

Hey! I'm Meg! I've just recently started a piece entitled All of My Broken Pieces. This is my first attempt at what I hope somewhat resembles poetry, but I could really use your feedback! According to Figment, it says its about five minutes to read, and I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks so much :)


Leto jared

about 21 hours ago JarleyDiAngelo said:

i agree with ya. i also think that they should have a little more of jared leto's joker. if they were going to make him that awesome, they should have put more of him in the movie. hey, what do u think of jared leto's joker anyway?

Leto jared

2 days ago JarleyDiAngelo said:

i know how ya feel. like, you know that heros are good and all and they are tryin ta help and all, but villains are so bad! the things they do just makes you love them so much. like harley, joker, or something. i personally like villains better. another question. have you seen suicide squad?

Proflie fig

2 days ago Kateri Carton said:

Thank you for the review, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Leto jared

2 days ago JarleyDiAngelo said:

OMG i know right!! Marvel has awesome villains and DC just has amazing awesome villains!! do u prefer villains or heros?

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Life Street

(2 days ago)

It makes me think of my childhood, I had to leave my friends and where i grew up. Even family member's whom i was very closed to left and... Read More »