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Gas mask keneki

2 days ago Chideha said:

how much does it cost to get a box of fuckwits for breakfast? for some reason i cant find them in stores D: the only box of fuckweets i found was on ur profile page.


9 days ago Al said:

Despite you coming off as the worlds most obnoxious asshole I'm sure you're an okay guy.

I'm only here for some advice for a story. I need some ideas for chapter two which I haven't published yet. I'm also considering rewriting chapter one. none the less I just need some none sarcastic advice.

Sam full (1)

16 days ago Sysanet said:

Hiyas, Thanks for your review on Til Pizza Do us Part. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read and comment.

I hope you enjoy the others as well. :)

- Sysanet

Gas mask keneki

17 days ago Chideha said:

"I love how you changed your name and bio and everything thinking we're dumb enough to believe you're not Andy Morfett. Pff. "

Nothing more than a joke, my friend. :)

Why get so mad?

Gas mask keneki

17 days ago Chideha said:

"Yet again you try to belittle me and end up looking the fool. Congratulations... again :-)"

I'm not trying to "belittle" you. If I were trying to do that, I would be doing everything you are.

Throwing insults. Complaining about everyone like you expect EVERYONE to be perfect. Pretended to be calm. Trying to purposely annoy people.

Going with the "You're just trying to belittle me so shut up and go back to where you came from" thing means absolutely nothing to me.

If you're trying to offend me, you're kinda failing with all the insults. When I haven't insulted you once.

And I'm probably the only person whose actually trying to be polite to you. Why throw insults at me? What have I done that was so bad to you? :/

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