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    Sad Soul(poem)

    I'm at my worst and these words don't even express me properly. If you're in a happy mood then don't read this because I don't want…

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    Lost but found (poem)

    A poem about a smol lost gurl. *Cover was drawn by Noceurx* |Jinghay|

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    Grounded (poem)

    Woopwoop I'm back (Mum was angry a few days ago but she's over it now. :D ) |Jinghay|

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    I Claim You

    (A supposed prologue for a story I wanted to write a while back called Window Messages.) Might continue into a story. |Jinghay|

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    Drowning in the meadow (poem)

    I had an emo phase where I was really into Fall Out boys, Panic at the disco! and generally sad music that made me cry. Had a friend …

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    It's alright (poem)

    A poem for Hope as of right now. Your amazing gurl! Don't you forget that! |Jinghay|

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about 11 hours ago Hazel Gatoya said:

I did have an awesome great amazing time. I love that side of the family. XD How's your week been?

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about 15 hours ago Aayet Mushtaq said:

You too can read anything of mine!

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1 day ago Noceurx said:

It is! Oh, but I'm the opposite! I'm the oldest in my class which shocks everyone since I'm so short and kinda baby faced xD

And oh my gosh you get to go to Wales?! Lucky!! I never get to travel anywhere v.v My family doesn't care much for it.

Ooh and I have a bird :D what kind are you gonna get?? They're so sweet and cute ^-^

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1 day ago Noceurx said:

Ahh that's exciting xD any summer plans?

Oh and my birthday is September 10th ^-^ It's so rare that I find people with an August birthday :c

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1 day ago Noceurx said:

Oh! Of course you can ^-^ They're all your's now! No worries about not being on here, too. I know how difficult electronics can be sometimes ^^; Oh! But is this your last week of school :o I'll be cheering for you~.

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My Reviews

What I Have Become

(19 days ago)

I absolutely love this poem. It gave me the shivers and really portrays how a person with a mental illness may feel. I myself can relate ... Read More »

Yesturday, Today, Tomorrow

(about 1 month ago)

This so amazingly beautiful... wow Read More »