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1 day ago Sam said:

Hiyas, 3 weeks since we've heard from you. A quick check in when you have a moment would be appreciated.

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6 days ago Sam said:


So, spoke with a couple avid readers and decided to make a group for my readers . You don't have to join, but please take a look.

I hope for it to be fun for everyone. ^^


9 days ago BubbleGum B!tch said:

Are you a demigod or a magician? Then come to Camp Demigod/ Magicians! Here at camp, you can learn to survive in the world of monsters and Gods, or learn the way of the Egyptian Gods! Here, you can meet NEW people and participate in the camps daily challenges and activities! You can fight monsters, learn divine magic, and much more! So come! You are welcomed! (For those of you who don’t know much about this kind of stuff, don’t worry! I can help you) http://figment.com/groups/35463-Camp-Demigod-Magicians

Sam full (1)

16 days ago Sam said:

Hiyas, been 2 weeks since we've heard from you. Doing the weekly check-in. How're you?

Sam full (1)

22 days ago Sam said:

Been a week since we've heard from ya. Just checking in. How are you?

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