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    What is love?

    A poem I wrote after constant heartbreak. The ending was not planned, it just kinda came out I guess.... sorry if its terrible

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    War Of Mind

    A poem about a war situated in the mind.

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  • Cover
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    ******COVER BY CAITLIN COX******** A love poem, about the unconditional way I feel about my little sister. She taught me what it rea…

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    I'll Be Okay

    This is a poem i wrote in the early days of my recovery period.... Its kinda hard to post it here but im recovered now so... idk.... …

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    An Explosion of emotion

    A compilation Of some of my poems written at varying times in the past 3 years conveying a range of emotions.

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4 months ago WingsofAnEagle said:

You can read Questions and Wings of an eagle. this is a review swap, right? What two poems do you want me to read of yours?


4 months ago WingsofAnEagle said:

Do you want to do a poetry swap?


9 months ago hereiam said:

Hi! I'll gladly review your poems! Which one would you like me to review?

The fatal mistake legal

9 months ago Isabel S. said:


Colette[Rook] and I started a group called "The Second Person" and we would love for you to join! This groups is dedicated to exploring new writing devices, such as writing in the second person point of view! We want to challenge you to think differently and make the whole world around you exciting!



10 months ago micheal_clifford_is_daddy_af said:

I'm perfect (not)

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All of My Broken Pieces

(10 months ago)

OMG! I am in love with this! completely and utterly speechless! my absolute faves were People are like glass bowls, Under the influence a... Read More »