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    A short story about a time loop.

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  • Pepper
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    WARNING: This story has themes of the murder and death of young adult. If that makes you uncomfortable, you probably shouldn't read it…

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  • The lake and the stars
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    The Lake and The Stars

    I was experimenting with 2nd POV. It was fun, actually.

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  • Rr
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    Renegade Royalty

    Princess Halli Rosewood has been peppered with love, care, and lavish treatment ever since she was a young girl after her mother and f…

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  • Forever
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    The Race for Forever

    Matteas Daemon is a brilliant scientist and practitioner of the magical arts(and Magic Mart grocery bagger). For years, he has be…

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  • Umbrella_spells_cover
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    Umbrella Spells

    A bitter magician, perfectionist, and loner, ends up having to disciple a wayward teenager struggling with his own identity and famil…

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13 days ago Noceurx said:

Hi! A long long loooong time ago, you requested a cover for me, and although I was absent for quite some time on this site, I never leave any requests unfinished. Here's your cover in both sizes! Do feel free to ask for changes if necessary :3


about 1 month ago Mariella Baird said:

Most people have heard the news by now. Come join us to discuss further action.


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about 1 month ago The_Lemon_TypeWriter said:

Hi! I sent a cover request on your free covers forum. Could you check it when you get the chance? Thanks!


2 months ago Dauntless Dagger said:

Yes, it's perfect! Thanks so much!


2 months ago Kayla Amaro said:

Hellooo! This is an invitation to be one of the first to join my new group: Kayla's Writer's Workshop! It's more on the collaborative side where you can get help and learn some tips for writing.

You can work on creating characters, brainstorming concepts for stories, and review some lessons I have on different aspects of writing. I also offer free beta reading, free reviews, and covers!

If you're interested, join today! ^^

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(3 months ago)

This is very, very good. I'm very invested in the two character's stories! I really enjoyed reading it and I like the story idea! It's... Read More »

Let Me Go

(3 months ago)

What you've got here is a pretty good story idea about very important issues, which is very admirable. I enjoyed the topics and the story... Read More »