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    Bellara - Short Romance

    Bellara is a deformed goblin who travels to Ironforge, the city of dwarves so she can get away from the world and hide from her own ra…

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    Poems of the Epicon

    I am not very good at poetry--I certainly don't pretend to be...but here are the poems/songs I have written over the years, from 9 yea…

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    November 16 - Finished Short Story

    When a scientific expedition investigates a time machine in Antarctica, an archaeologist and a scientist go back in time to the Incas …

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    The Blue Fire - A Love Story

    When WW IV breaks out in chemical destruction, Jasmine is forced to flee her home and travel with her family into the deep deep desert…

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    The Lady Wolf's Love

    Luana, a female werewolf, has found herself a cozy life by herself, far from her wolf brethren. However, the loneliness has begun to g…

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    Adventuresome Madison gets herself into some trouble when she explores an underground dam facility with some friends. What does she kn…

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2 days ago Roanoke Wilde said:

Hey! I'm Roanoke Wilde, obviously. ;)

I have a WIP fantasy novel up, "Figura Mutante" and I need some feedback. I REALLY want to get it published one day. If you have the time, I'd appreciate it if you could read and tell me what I need to work on. I'd be willing to swap, though it might take a while to get back to you. :P

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!! :)


2 days ago jaz said:

hi there. i'm sorry for replying late for your comment as i didn't notice it earlier:)

well my POV is third person omniscient so the POV actually switch around like you're watching tv. i don't really like first person as it puts so many restrictions since the view is just from one character.


3 days ago Cynthia Silver☾✯ said:

To your comment from a few days ago (man, I can’t believe how I’ve allowed myself to get so utterly swamped on both review and comments!):

Haha, when you hearted all those other things, I found myself also reading them for fun, and cringing at how juvenile they seem. If you’re tired of mythology, I do have some stories that aren’t related to it (even if they suck).

Haha, yeah, I always reread books that I like for that very reason. But I do love the first time the most when everything comes as a surprise.

And here I was thinking that he’d be the guy who hates all werewolves purely because they’re werewolves, and then his attitude changes when he gets to know Lu. THAT is cliched. XD Haha, what’s your opinion of Twilight? (I only ask because I stayed up past midnight watching it with my mom yesterday)

Yeah, I saw, and I was so excited! I’ll try read both of them when I can, but again, completely swamped, not just with Figment work but also school work. Having a few extra days of spring break comes at a price… a very tiresome, time consuming one.

Dang. I think the longest I’ve spent on a review is three hours, but mine typically take one if the chapters are as long as SoV’s. And wow, thank you so much for those suggestions! I never even thought/heard about proactive vs reactive scenes! That’ll definitely help me in this chapter, if I could actually find a moment to write, that is…

Well, I’m quite fond of the R & J ending, LOL. So romantic… Wait, what? I already identified myself as an aromantic IRL. XD

Wow. Haha, that’s kinda strange to think about, since my parents promised me that I better find somewhere else to live once I’m out of high school, LOL. Mainly off at college in either a dorm or apartment. Must me nice that you still get to live with family.

Haha, yeah, that must be annoying. That’s why I usually save everything on Figment except for responding to comments for a computer. Except, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve lost even comments on my phone due to lagged out WiFi or just pure stupidity.

Nope. I suck at poetry, haha. You?


3 days ago Cynthia Silver☾✯ said:

Wow, a review, AND you checked out a bunch more of my stories? I’m speechless. Thank you so much! I’ll try to read some more of yours, but if ya can’t tell by my swap list, I’m completely swamped, so apologies in advance if it takes a while. I’m also preparing for a trip pretty soon here, so I don’t know how active I’ll be during then either. But anyways, I’ll respond to your review first:

LOL, I hate writing out Tes’s thoughts, so I doubt I’ll extend his time down there any more than that.

Thanks for pointing that out about the dream! You bring up two very good points; in fact, when I first read the A suggestion, I could already feel my mind automatically designing a super badass outfit that matches the description, LOL. I’ll take that as a sign I need to change it. XD And as for the B, yeah, you’re right, I can’t believe I didn’t realize how much more sense that would be before. Although, I do remember my friend (who really hates Theseus) saying that he should’ve acted like a complete wimp purely so she could laugh at him. And… that’s probably why I shouldn’t let friends like that influence me. XD

Okay… I think I see what you’re getting at about Theseus’s response. So… what should his reaction be more like, then? I feel like just straight up deep remorse would be straying too far away from his normal character, hence the difficult time he has accepting that he needs to apologize. Also, in cases like this, what do you think WOULD be necessary for the relationship to be salvaged?

Thanks. That’s just the impression I wanted to give, that Ares is a lame excuse for a father. XD I do have my reasons for why Ares’s behavior towards her is “strange.” One, Lyt’s obviously been through much worse than this, (taking the fact that Theseus didn’t actually rape her into consideration) so he would know that she managed to pull through with only her pride wounded. Two, yes, there’s the thing with Po to consider as well, so it’s not like he can directly exact vengeance on Tes without further angering Po. Three, he actually is plotting Tes’s demise, although at a much more discreet angle. (hope that doesn’t count as a spoiler)

Well… to be fair, Ares did only ask her instead of demanding or threatening her. When she said she didn’t want to, he pacifically relented and apologized for even asking. It was a shot out of desperation for him, but when she takes his advice to think about what she says before saying it, it, for the most part, works. So no, I wouldn’t say she’s kissing up to him and putting his needs over her own. She does want a better relationship with him, hence her question about what to do, but she won’t jeopardize her own life for it.

About the knife, yeah, I know, I’ve been meaning to fix it, but I can’t think of anything better as of right now.

Okay, adding more thought for Lyt I can definitely do!

Thank you so much for all of that advice you gave on those chapters! Chapter 8 was personally one of my least favorite chapters to write. It needs a lot of work, and you can expect me to take all of those suggestions you gave when I go back to review. Thanks again!


3 days ago addy said:

Yeah I think a prologue of sorts which reveals a little about her werewolf status would be interesting and would give out some information, but not everything, so the reader is still very intrigued to learn more about her. :)

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