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  • The return of magic 1_zps2lzxgwvz
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    The Return of Magic

    A thousand years ago, all creatures and beings of magic were driven out of Alibian at the end of the Last War of Magic. They were forg…

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  • The lost element legal
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    The Lost Element

    Great creatures of magic begin to grow restless and the control over darkness is once more discovered in someone. A great journey begi…

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  • Ezzp5xj
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    A short high fantasy story told from second person POV. --- Cover by Emberlin .

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  • Img_0918
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    1st place winner in Figgie Fighter Contests June short story contest. --- Prompt: You find a stack of "Missing Persons" news clippin…

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  • Img_0894
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    The Travelers

    3rd place winner of round 3, season 2 of Writing With the Stars. ---- Prompt: a person who can travel between alternate universes -…

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  • End of the world cover
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    End of the World

    For Writing With the Stars short story contest. Round 2 of Season 2. --- It has been many years since the zombie apocalypse. People …

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Atheon_rising_vault_of_glass-dark jestr-2

about 21 hours ago DARK Jestr said:

hello,hi,hey? finally started editing my story see Tuesday maybe? i dont know anything anymore.bye????


about 23 hours ago Creationist Central (Madison) said:

Ah, I understand. But if you ever change your mind we'll be glad to welcome you. I for think being an Atheist is cool at least you believe/fight for something.


about 1 month ago Eowyn Doyle said:

I delete comments after I read them.

I am only willing to do chapter-by-chapter swaps on my novels.


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My Reviews

The Dark Triad

(25 days ago)

--Chapter 6 Review— (I’m going by how you label the chapters) This chapter seems to be a bit less dark than the one before it, though... Read More »

Collision: Fusion of Worlds

(27 days ago)

---Prologue Review--- Just so you know, my reviews also contain my thoughts and reactions to things in the story as well as my critiqu... Read More »