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    The Darkness in Light

    Rina Glory was lost. She had no home, until a kind elderly couple took her in and gave her a home. But her joy was short lived. This i…

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  • Kushina
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    Kushina, New Eyes of the Nine-Tail

    Kushina once lived in the hidden Whirlpool Village, a village known for their excellent seals. The village has been destroyed and Kush…

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    InuYasha: The Next Generation

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  • Spy0
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    The Rider Legacy

    Alex Rider was the youngest and most successful of the MI6 agency (British spy agency)(Alex Rider: Series by Anthony Horowitz). Follow…

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    Yahiko's Story

    This I guess what you would call a Rurouni Kenshin fan-fiction. I got the idea from a friend who told me that the original author, Nob…

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    Elements (by surprise)

    six girls discover their uniqueness that is greater than what anyone would think of. (Cover done by Paige O'hara)

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about 2 years ago Stormie "Ducky" McNeal said:

Sorry if you don't like ads, but I thought you might be interested in a contest we have going on in "Fun For Figgies".

PROMPT: Since this is our first contest, the theme for it is "Firsts". You must write a story were the main character/characters expiriance something for the first time.

DUE DATE: All stories/poems are due by Nov. 18 Here's the link: http://figment.com/groups/32676-Fun-for-Figgies-

Thanks so much, I hope you participate :D


over 2 years ago Ali Belair said:

Hi there. I am just here to let you know that we are beginning the Fairy Tail Role Play anew. I hope you come join us again.

-Fairy Tail Fan Club


over 2 years ago Ali Belair said:

Hello Raven Vira!

I am here to invite you to the Fullmetal Alchemist roleplaying group. Mckayla and myself hope that you will join us to make the roleplay even more lively than it is.

You can find it on my wall.

Thank you, have a nice day!

Kayty (Admin) (see you sunday)


over 2 years ago The Dark Prince(ss) said:

Hey! It's been awhile.....would you like to swap? If so please read A Devil's Kiss thank you.


over 2 years ago Karnyce said:


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In One Word

(about 6 years ago)

This is AMAZING. I love the way you worded the whole piece. Read More »

The Haunted House

(about 6 years ago)

I really do love this. However, I noticed in Chapter 3 you misspelled search in search party and I think you might have missed a few comm... Read More »