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  • Crouching tiger - edited
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    Crouching Tiger

    The Tiger crouches in the shadows. No one is watching. The prey only knows who killed him after he's dead...

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  • Evasive homocide
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    The Evasive Homicide

    When Amara's father has to leave the country to find a job in Russia, he does not know what to do with Amara. Amara is motherless and …

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  • Street lamp undercover cover page
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    Tempest has recently lost her father and mother; before long, she was shipped away to the other side of the country, only to be sent t…

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  • The portal cover
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    The Portal

    Aaliyah, Sahara, Zakaya, and Adara or not the same except for the fact that they all go to the same school, and each believe they have…

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  • Fiery warrior girl anger poem
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    A short Poem for the English 7 Bihop Contests. Very dramatic and emotional, but it's about anger. Uses fire metaphorically to represen…

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  • Leap book cover ;)
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    Anala doesn't know what she wants to do with her life in downtown Chicago until she finds a flyer advertising classes with the Joffrey…

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about 13 hours ago Lindsey Hull said:

Hey there! I am looking for people to swap with so I can reviews on my story and figure out what I need to improve on! If you’re interested in swapping I would love it if you could read the first two chapters of my story, “Apollyn’s Reason”. In return I will read anything you want me to! Just one rule, leave your honest opinion and if there’s something you think that I need to fix/change/improve on let me know! Any advice helps! Thanks again!

Xu hui

1 day ago Xu Hui said:

I see you read my about me. Thanks for your polite comment.

Img_0487 (1)

3 days ago Nicolette Christiansen said:

Hey there! Care for a friendly swap?

Awesome fire tiger wallpaper!!!!

3 days ago Reese Reynolds said:

No way I love this Lizzy! IT'S AMAZING!

P pic

6 days ago Harley Quinn said:


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A Strange Dragon

(18 days ago)

I love this book, Brian! Honestly, when I read the synopsis I thought it was such a great idea I couldn't help myself from reading it.... Read More »


(24 days ago)

This is so great, Hazel!!! You write so well I couldn't stop reading - to be honest, you're one of the only people that I actually tho... Read More »