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28 days ago M.E.M. said:

The time is nearing my friends and poets. It has been a pleasure writing for you. You can find me on "My Poetic Side" under the same name.

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about 1 month ago M.E.M. said:

Even though Figment is shutting down doesn't mean I'm going to stop posting stuff. So come and check out my writings, I'd love the feedback before we are a tore apart but the shut down of Figment.

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about 1 month ago Sysanet said:


Just letting all of my followers know they can find me on Wattpad {Sysanet}, ArchiveofourOwn{Sysanet}, & tumblrs {BasttheLightGoddess}{SekmettheDarkGoddess}.

You can also reached my via Discord Sysanet#6259 & Skype via Sysanet.

Thanks for following me and hope to keep in touch. ^^

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about 1 month ago M.E.M. said:

Figment is being Underlined! We still have time repost this if you want to help! Figment is my home. I come here to express myself and make friends, and now someone wants to steal that from me. I was hurting, and am healed. I was depressed, and learnt of joy. I say, LET. FIGMENT. LIVE. If you love figment and want it to keep on making a difference, repost this onto your profile and everywhere else.

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about 1 month ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Figment is moving to Underlined! Either transition when Underlined opens or find a new writing website.

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