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  • Children of panem my fav
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    Children of Panem

    *Grammer/spelling all cleaned up* Legacy. What if you don't want to live up to it? What if you can't? Will they fulfill it? Or break …

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  • Dandelions c2
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    Hope, Katniss's daughter remembers the day her Mother showed her the Dandelions. For everyone who wanted a happy ending for Katniss, w…

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  • Children of the galaxy c1
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    Children of the Galaxy(Star wars fanfic)

    *Messy grammer and spelling being fixed* Vagaleena's always been strong behind the cloak she hides behind. Underneath it is her terri…

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  • The protection of wonderful cretures
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    The Protecter of Wondrous Creatures

    *Cleaned up!* They called them monsters. She called them Wondrous Creatures. They were her family. She would protect them. Vana Do…

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  • Cover-normal
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    Harry Potter Cookbook.

    Updated weekly! Right now it has: 1. Pumpkin Pasties 2. Licorice Wands

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  • Mr_roboto
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    Last Jedi theory.

    A theory on what happened both before and after Force Awakens. I am willing to bet money on this

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22 minutes ago Rose K said:

no problem!! I love your story and am always happy to help!! ;)


about 22 hours ago On The Verge Of Insanity said:

its not that romantiic actually. ur parents wont let u read it?


about 22 hours ago On The Verge Of Insanity said:

yeah. u like divergent too?


about 24 hours ago On The Verge Of Insanity said:



2 days ago Rose K said:

I also don't like how the main character always has a little sister and the main character goes and does something, but the little sister cooks the food, and is the medic or something, :( It would be interesting to have it from HOPES PERSPECTIVE, AND TALK ABOUT HOW SHES THE 'TYPICAL LITTLE SISTER' AND EVERYONE EXPECTS HER BROTHER TO WIN EVERYTHING and be strong for the group and be the leader, but really it's her!!! And she steps up out of her "little sister role' and helps to win!!!!!! And becomes the leader!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!! Okay, I may have gotten a little carried away. ._./ Sorry, lol. I really like that idea, but it's totally up to u, I just think otherwise it seems sort of cliche. -_-. ;)

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(2 days ago)

Bad cop review: This is a really good story, but the writing style needs some work. Parts of the story felt a little choppy and you jump... Read More »


(26 days ago)

Wow, this was amazing! I mean it, this should be the top book on here! I have been obsessed with Phantom of the Opera lately, and I mus... Read More »