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  • Children of panem my fav
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    Children of Panem

    *Grammer/spelling all cleaned up* Legacy. What if you don't want to live up to it? What if you can't? Will they fulfill it? Or break …

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  • Dandelions c2
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    Hope, Katniss's daughter remembers the day her Mother showed her the Dandelions. For everyone who wanted a happy ending for Katniss, w…

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  • Children of the galaxy c1
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    Children of the Galaxy(Star wars fanfic)

    *Messy grammer and spelling being fixed* Vagaleena's always been strong behind the cloak she hides behind. Underneath it is her terri…

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  • The protection of wonderful cretures
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    The Protecter of Wondrous Creatures

    *Cleaned up!* They called them monsters. She called them Wondrous Creatures. They were her family. She would protect them. Vana Do…

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  • Hpcb
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    Harry Potter Cookbook.

    Plus quizes! Updated weekly! Right now it has: 1. Pumpkin Pasties 2. Licorice Wands 3. Cauldron cakes 4. Butterbeer 5. Puking …

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  • Children_of_the_phoenix2
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    Children of the Phoenix

    My mother is Bellatrix Lestrange. Tantia Malfoy's family is driving her crazy. Her little brother is a spoiled stinker, her mother tr…

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10 days ago Ada Townsend said:

Dauntless, I know that you're not allowed to share your age, so I thought I should warn you that it's publicly displayed on your Young Writers Society profile. If you don't want people to know how old you are, you need to remove the year from your birthday in the Edit Profile section.


21 days ago Ada Townsend said:

Hi, Dauntless. Sorry for the MASSIVE delay in replying! Things got a little out of hand while planning a church event, then I got a new robot, then Thanksgiving happened... Okay, I won't bore you with the details for any longer. I know that Figment is closing down after November 30, and I really would like to keep in touch with you. I have plans to keep writing I Can Survive in Space (as soon as my tablet comes back from repairs), and if I remember correctly, you really seemed to enjoy that fan fiction. Besides, I am super excited to read the Children of the Galaxy sequel. I must meet Rella! :) Did you ever create an account on Young Writers Society? Mine is pretty much empty, but it's up there. (I am rather confused by the interface, so it might take me awhile to post much of anything.)


about 1 month ago Defiance Dagger said:



about 1 month ago Ada Townsend said:

I LOVE THAT SERIES! Well I love the first five books... things got really weird really fast towards the end.


about 1 month ago The Shadow said:

The Rp has started. Please make sure that your characters are done before joining.

*We still don't have a lot of people so please spread the word. Thank you :)

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The Confessions Of A Psychic Person

(2 months ago)

(Sorry this took so long, and thank you for your review on children of the Phoenix! Also, I’m sorry if I’m too harsh) Chapter one/forw... Read More »

Searching For Hope

(3 months ago)

(I’m really harsh here, warning you.) Explaining this Novel: Bad Cop: The first sentence is a bit of a run on sentence. The para... Read More »