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  • Area born c1
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    Arena Born

    How does Newjustice take care of criminals? The answer is the Arena. A Island in the middle of no were, impossible to get out of, fill…

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  • Mockingjay
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    Children of Panem

    Legacy. What if you don't want to live up to it? What if you can't? Will they fulfill it? Or break it? Rain: His parents legacy is ca…

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  • Which_side_are_you_on_star_wars
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    Children of the Galaxy(Star wars fanfic)

    With a scarred face, eight fingers and crippled leg, Vagaleena isn't your ordinary heroine. Not to mention she runs a gang of orphans …

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Sanya k

about 14 hours ago Sanya K said:


5 days ago An9e1 said:

@Dauntless Dagger I finished you cover! Check it out in the forum. I tried to do the locket thing, I really did. I just couldn't get it to turn out well, hence why it took so long. Tell me if you want anything changed on my wall :)

Clary with hand

7 days ago Clary Frost said:

I hope to get more up soon, but unfortunately life is getting in the way once again... I just read your comment below and no, Zaire is within the same year as the rest of them. If you go on my charahub page (it's linked on my profile page where it says 'blog') it has descriptions of all my characters, including birth dates. Happy Writing!

Clary with hand

8 days ago Clary Frost said:

Sorry for the late reply on "Sidereal"! To answer your question about Zaire's past, you just have to wait and see about that... :) (You're the first person who has picked up on this detail!). I'm hoping to update real soon, I'm like half way through writing Chapter Sixteen! Happy writing and thank you so much for the comment!


9 days ago Auroni D. Emile (Kyron) said:

Here's your cover. Leave a messages on my wall if you wanna get anything changed.

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The Sound Beneath the Silence

(17 days ago)

Is it just the time difference or is it sunday? Please write more! I can't wait! Read More »


(20 days ago)

This is one of the most amazing stories I've read. I love teams, and you created an amazing one. Even the 'bad' Squad has an cool team fi... Read More »