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  • The_guardians_of_animarisyu_legal (1)
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    The Guardians of Animarisyu: Summary

    Legends have been told in the lands of Animarisyu, legends that have been passed down for centuries. Now, those legends are about to b…

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  • On copper wings i fly c3
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    On Copper Wings I Fly

    This is a rewrite of one of my old poems I had on Figment a while back. I had accidentally deleted it (whoops) <h1>The cover was made …

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  • Raven
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    Another poem! <h1>Cover done by Caitlin Cox.</h1>

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  • 2mwisid
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    Just a short random poem. <h1>Cover does not belong to me.</h1>

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    More poetry I guess... <h1>Cover made by Emily Jones.</h1>

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  • Hylia_by_whitewings-d4ldr8j
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    Heroes Upon Hyrule

    A LOZ fanfiction written by Midnight Wolf and I.

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about 2 hours ago Inspiration said:

What,s Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari


about 2 hours ago Inspiration said:

Remember this?:Yagi-sama, thoust great and magestical, When shalt thou return from thoust sudden disappearance? I has not heard from the great Yagi-sama in many a day My humble beggings, dearest Yagi-sama Please, email me

Like, right now plz email me im lonelyyyyyyyy


about 2 hours ago Inspiration said:

Bunch of new things on Eternal Evanescence. You should check out my goatness.


about 4 hours ago ScarletKnight said:

Okay :> I forgot to mention. The Queen of Azereal needs a Right-hand man sort to speak. You can take that position if you like. It can be ether dragon or human. Don't matter :3


3 days ago ainsfw said:

its kobayashi dragon maid, its been a meme for months and its one of my absolute favorites, it has a lot of fanservice though lmao

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Destiny Awaits

(about 1 month ago)

Everything I say here is just suggestions ^^ Chapter 1 <i>"as my owl, Twilight, awakens me with a note."</i> I think it w... Read More »

A life in love

(3 months ago)

I really like the story idea for this one :) Ch 1 1st paragraph: Your summary of her grim situation was pretty god. What it wou... Read More »