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    Baby In The Blanket

    Snow was abandoned by her parents and wrapped up in a blanket only to be layed in a basket on a strangers doorstep. Now she's learned …

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19 minutes ago Helana said:

Yes, being a verified author means that I have work elsewhere that you can buy, and Figment has approved of it to be featured :) Feel free to check out some more of my work! I mostly have poetry, but "Never Again" was actually written back when I first joined Figment.


about 3 hours ago Percy Green said:


1 day ago BenjaminGreenwalt said:

The chapters you share are realistic. I have seen the essaytigers writing service review for your chapters and blog. I hope you would keep sharing as people like me love to read them.

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2 days ago JAZZY-CHOCO-CUPS said:

Hey love the books


3 days ago Haley Kissell (hiatus) said:

No problem :) you have a great week!


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Its good you have a few grammer mistakes but that's fine. Is this something you really experience? You don't have to say, im just asking.... Read More »