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5 days ago AnnaBanana said:

Harry Potter- The Ultimate Role Play

Dear witch/wizard, We are pleased to inform you have a place at Harry Potter- The Ultimate Role Play. Term begins by the next full moon. We await your owl.

Yours sincerely,

AnnaBanana and Anndrea Davis

P pic

16 days ago Harley Quinn said:

I'm going to all my followers and asking you guys to do the same thing! Reese, my best friend, and I are making a figment magazine and we would love for you to join!

Our magazine is monthly and our may edition is our first edition! We need people to join our group and go in and do some of the stuff in the discussions so we can add lots of stuff to our magazine! If you could join it would be greatly welcomed! We hope to se you in there!



18 days ago MaryAnn said:

Hello, fellow figgie! Would you like to join my group? You don't have to...if you don't want to...but trust me, you won't regret it!


Also, if you love collecting coins, join my friend's group as well! Very lonely here... it's called Coins USA!

Here's the link for that one:


There are many things out there that need to be taken care of. Animal testing, slavery, and abortion. We the Generation is a group under construction fighting against abortion. If you have feelings about this topic, or you are against abortion, please join this group.


Hello! Let me introduce myself! Here at Figment we are all super nice to one another...we love each other like we are best friends! If you ever need advice or help or have ANY question, just come on over and ask! Oh, and I'm almost at 200 followers. If you help me get there, (by following,) you'll automatically be entered into my 200 follower giveaway! You don't have to...no pressure at all!

Anyways, I hope I can make you feel at home!

All the best, ~MaryAnn

P.S. Dear witch/wizard, We are pleased to inform you have a place at Harry Potter- The Ultimate Role Play. Term begins on June 1st. We await your owl. Yours sincerely, Dumbledore Hogwarts Express


18 days ago BubbleGum B!tch said:

rp has started! (holiday)


19 days ago a ghost of a once happy girl said:

UPDATE ASK JARLEY(calling it that so it's faster to type so you know to update it sooner)

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