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2 days ago That one creepy crazy fangirl said:

I will always find you, Bagel... XD


2 months ago Kailey E. Grace said:

Skillet is so fun to say... Skiiil-eet. Anyways, I like older music (David Bowie) and I also enjoy Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco. Of course, nearly everyone likes them. cx

M&m kitty icon

3 months ago Mina Autumn said:

Like to solve murder mysteries? Don't want to leave your house? Welcome to Murder Mystery Roleplay. In this group, you can create or solve a mystery along with other members. Roleplay starts August 4th. Hope to see you soon :) http://figment.com/groups/35667-Murder-Mystery-Roleplay


3 months ago Kailey E. Grace said:

I am kind of bored, too. And sleepy... We might as well get to know each other so we can be bestest buddies! :3 What's your favorite band?


3 months ago Kailey E. Grace said:

Hello! I saw your comment on my profile. Are you okay?

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