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  • The leter
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    The Letter Of Whispering Water

    A letter from a friend to a friend.Not of love but of pleading, as something evil is coming and help is needed. (Just for you Thomas)

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  • Img_7926
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    Shadow Of Death

    Sitting in a bus stop waiting. My Love and pain are one. When I feel happy I also feel pain, I am that what which is without love of m…

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  • Mountain_fortress_22
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    Empire of Despair

    The Castle of Alikzxeum is a place of training, The elite caste of Alixken young nobles and warriors come to learn how to rule the the…

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  • Black_orb_by_aerobow
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    Desert Of Darkness

    In the deserts of Kinshiy life is either long and brutal or short and brutal but when a guild rat finds a strange orb, his life change…

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  • Graveyard
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    Last Wish

    A Boy And Girl are in a graveyeard at Night. No One knows that they are there of that they're even out of bed. What could go wrong?

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  • Dark stubent
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    The Darkness Inside Me

    Three friends; A strong willed girl, a handsome young man, and a boy who can unsettle the devil himself. what darkness has driven him…

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2 months ago ahmadfadilah said:

ini spektakuler keuangan 30 hugh didanai pada memiliki tempat pabrik diakui diakui delapan daur baru. D.

konstruksi baja vs beton

jasa konstruksi gudang


over 1 year ago Jessica Berne said:

"The Imagination Contest" is a contest that focuses on the imagination of talented writers. Its sole focus is to let you roam free each round, letting you lead the prompt rather than the prompt leading you. These prompts for the seven rounds will be simple, giving you room to explore the outer ends of your imagination and interpret the short prompt however you'd like. Grasp your imaginative thoughts and aim for the stars! (Link in picture) W3Schools

over 1 year ago Siena Renee said:

Hello! I just finished your cover. As always critiques are encouraged. I hope you enjoy this cover!

Thanks! -Siena

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With Eyes Closed

(almost 4 years ago)

For our Review Swap, Sorry of the wait. I've been busy with work SO first off you make good use of the first person view and how each ch... Read More »

Not What You Would Have Imagined

(over 4 years ago)

first line, you write "the" instead of "that". Maybe its just me but the line "the warm feeling it gives" just seems a little clunky. La... Read More »