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3 days ago David Livingston Hawkins III said:

Thanks for the support on CHAOS THEORY! It was a difficult one to write and articulate that emotion but I am glad people are able to resonate with it. I hope to do more poetry in that style in the future.


5 days ago Clisa Brovinski said:

I LOVE THIS IDEA!! hey do you like the legend of zelda? if you do you could join my rp called Zelda an RP. (joining this group is not only fun, but it may get you more followers as well)


12 days ago Jessica Kern said:

Thank you for the comment on my poem!

Magic fox profile legal with name2

18 days ago Naomi Folettia said:

Hi :) Just wanted to let you know I kind of went on an answering spree and answered a bunch of your questions in "The Write Life" thread :) If you have any more, I would be happy to answer them :D

P.S. Idk if I already said this but, Welcome to Figment! :)


19 days ago Daniel Jimenez said:

Not a problem! Just saw a story with no cover and thought I would offer my services. Glad to hear that you're designing your own covers! Have a great day!

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Oh my gosh! That was so good! This poem made me shiver, it captured the real life entity of abandonment and feeling lost. I especially li... Read More »


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(Only can do this for the first 2 chapters, didn't have access key) You broke every rule in the book. Opening up in a passive voice, ... Read More »