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About Me: Hello, I am Christopher M E Hansen. I am the author of the science fiction (particularly political and military science fiction) book Excalibur. This is the first book of a series, the second novel is currently in the works and the first draft will hopefully be finished before the start of my Fall semester (in early September). I do not do swaps willy nilly. Comment below and we can discuss if you really want one. ---------------------------------------------------------- Ignorance perpetrates intolerance. Intolerance perpetrates reactions. Reactions perpetrate irrationality. Irrationality perpetrates insult. Insult perpetrates offense. And offense perpetrates ignorance. The trick is to not let yourself be offended. Those who offend you can control you.

Published Books

  • The journey

    The Journey

    A College student loses everything he loves and holds dear. This is the story of a young man named James.

Figment Writings

  • Cover-normal

    Response to: Beyond the Veil

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  • Heraldry


    The United States is in the height of civil war, with the states seceding from the union and forming several smaller factions, which n…

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  • Considerations title

    The Considerations of the Mind

    A series of thought experiments regarding the nature of reality, existence and religion, in terms of human understanding and logical c…

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  • Jihad title


    A short story prelude to my novel Excalibur. This is the tale of James Anderson, who fought against the jihad from the Witnesses of St…

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1 day ago Samuel Roberts said:

Kk. ;)

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1 day ago Samuel Roberts said:

Hey, so I'mma ask you a quick question.

So the Jews believed that there was a firmament of water around the earth, correct?

Well, I must ask, who's to say there wasn't? In the past? After all, evolutionists believe the earth was different in the past too, but that doesn't seem to mean that they are scientifically ignorant.

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3 days ago Samuel Roberts said:

Hey Chris, I'd like you to read this.

Note that I don't necessarily agree with everything in here, but it's still got some great truths in it.