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    So Sorry

    "You can call me Karisma," she gave a short smirk, "No, I don't bite, well not unless you ask me to." She's known as Karisma, her…

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    Love Happens

    Chloe Masters is a budding beauty, a promising young prodigy, and well known amongst the small town, as the daughter of German infamou…

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almost 5 years ago book.coffee.autumn said:

Everybody wants something. Well, I want memories. I want to tell them to my children,grandchildren, and perhaps my great-grand kids. I'm in the seventeen contest, I'd love to be in the top 10,just to tell people. How can you help you ask? Read and heart(if deserved)the Beautiful Things.Guess what? I swap!

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almost 5 years ago Brooke Bloomfield said:

Any chance of a swap, friend? :D If you could go read With It Comes The Beauty (It's for the boundless contest ((Which is partially heart based -.-)) ) and maybe give it a heart, I will gladly return the favor asap! :) Sorry if I've already asked!


over 5 years ago HannahCS said:

Hey I was wondering if you wanted to swap. I have this story called reasons why. It's for the speechless contest and need as much help and I can get. I will definitely repay the favor. Just post on my wall what you want me to read. Thanks so much. Remember only heart if you like it and I love honest comments. :) Sorry if I already posted this on your wall. I lose track.


over 6 years ago Samantha Chaffin said:

Hi Twyla! Thanks so much for reading Privateer (and for the follow)! :) I know it takes time and effort to read multi-chaptered stories, so I really appreciate that you did, and hope that you'll continue to follow along!


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