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    A Picture of Regret

    This is my submission to Summer Contest 2017 'Make it Rain' where the goal was to write a story or poem about a tear-worthy goodbye. T…

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    The Broken Circle [WIP]

    In a world where magic is outlawed and its users hunted mercilessly, one man is just trying to survive. Cover by Naomi Folettia.

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about 1 month ago WingsofAnEagle said:

BTW, did you even hear about the "Underlining" of figment? It's shuttin' down soon...


about 1 month ago WingsofAnEagle said:

Hi howdy hey! Willow here xP Hello my lovely fig followers! Thank you for keepin' track o' me! I appreciate all your reads, comments etc. very much! *Deeply gratified nod* Now, here comes the good stuff. Everythin' below are places you can unearth me. *wink wink*

Email: jcvparrotluv@yahoo.com

Quotev: WingsofAnEagle

Despite prior claims, I will be joining Underlined under the same username and profile pic. (IF the username isn't already taken..) See yal around!

Forever fig, Willow


about 1 month ago Beautiful Defiance said:

I will reply to my post right now! :) That way we can figure out what kind of a PRP we should do. Thanks for letting me know!


3 months ago WingsofAnEagle said:

So a fig known as A.G Wade inspired me to go manic... (something I never expected to do..) so I created a group called, THE SNORTING SOCIETY. Awesome right? My thoughts exactly! (don't worry, I'm still 20 percent sensible..) Therefore, this is a formal *snort* (..or maybe not so formal..) invitation to join the ranks of nutcases! LOL... ~Willow


3 months ago John Collins said:

Liked A Picture of Regret. Could you check out Exotic Pets? Thanks.

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(4 months ago)

Overall, I like the CONTENT of your story. However I think your writing in this case is a bit stilted. You seem to not use contractions o... Read More »

The workings of sunshine.

(4 months ago)

I first off would like to say that your writing style is very informal. There is nothing particularly wrong about that as long as you are... Read More »