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    Im a mess

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    For this special person

    ... i am revealing some personal things here

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    I'm caught up in my feelings and will get them out any way i can

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    This story is actually not K-pop, It is a LGBT kinda story, Also let me put trigger warning on this as well.

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    So basically I have been inspired by this BTS Au called "OutCast and another fanfiction that was like Hunger games but with my Boi's a…

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    Her Language

    I am still a weeb for K-Pop no matter how much i want to change

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Talk to me!


2 days ago Silver.ixx said:

I'm sorry if his doesn't help, but please talk to me whenever you need to. I don't know you too well, but I do care about someone else who's suffering. You can rant to me, ask for advice, or just talk about anything you want. Please stay strong - it may seem unbelievable but this bad feeling won't last forever.


2 days ago Silver.ixx said:

It doesn't matter if you feel lost. If you don't know what you want to live for, then just say 'fuck it' and live each day by simply doing things that make you happy. Whenever I feel suicidal, or worthless, I become selfish and tell myself that if no one cares for me then I'll just do what I love doing for the day and I won't think about others. Sometimes being selfish is the best thing to do. As BTS said, don't worry too much over school and just experience what's going on at the moment while it lasts.


10 days ago Silver.ixx said:

I have a Wattpad with the username 'Silverix' and I'll also be on the new site :)


10 days ago Araxis said:

Thank you so much! And yes I'm back for awhile! :D I had a lit time and it was a good weekend. I did miss updating tho...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your love and comments on my stories it really means a lot and you are a lovely person thank you!

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12 days ago Kayleigh Cathcart said:

Sure, can do

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