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    Viera's Short Tale

    She stood at the top of the building and saw the disease spreading throughout her city. The demons consumed her world and her body. …

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  • Undead_much__got_zombie_ii_by_velvet_moonlight
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    School, Work, and Zombies?

    *Editing - Bare with me here!* --- Carmen was given the short end of the stick when her friend Jake suddenly died from a zombie attack…

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  • Deathlykisscover
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    A Deathly Kiss

    I just want to be free from this awful nightmare. Only she can cure my sanity. I just need her to say I love you and then I will be fr…

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  • Buttomecover
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    But to Me

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  • Presocover
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    The Italy trip to see her penpal that she fell in love with. The friend that couldn't stand it, and something went wrong...

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  • Girlwhoknew
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    The Girl Who Knew

    No one would listen to me, but I knew it was coming...The end. I knew it was and now look at all of us. We are doomed, disaster waits …

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Double hearts

11 months ago Vanna said:

Yes! I love Ms. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I've only read the first but I love the concept. I'm dying to see movie


almost 2 years ago Trin Aster said:

I read your, 'School, work, and zombies?' It is such a awesome book, please write more soon!


about 2 years ago Anita Zamba said:

Hello, I'm Anita . I will like to be your friend only if you don't mind,please write so i can share my pictures with you,i have something very important things to discuss with you,Here is my email.( zamba-anita@hotmail.com


over 2 years ago Jillian (Jiggs) Johnston said:

photo lightning-13_zpsqoegnt30.jpg


over 2 years ago Jena Woodroffe said:

Hi!!! I saw your covers and heard that you make covers yourself, so I was wondering if you could design one for me. I liked your 'February air' and 'the girl who knew' and was hoping that it could be something similar. the title is When You Are A Child and it is on my desktop if you wish to read it. hope you can do it. ˜J

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My Reviews

The After Ward

(almost 6 years ago)

The idea is so brilliant and I love the labels you gave everyone! The drifters? How cool! Although if you separate your story into paragr... Read More »

Just in Case You Forgot

(almost 6 years ago)

What an incredible piece. I read a few other seventeenmag stories and this is definitely one of my favorite. I floated through this story... Read More »