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15 days ago A. G. Austin said:

Hi fellow figgie, do you want to swap? If so please read "The Little Things in Life". If you want me to read first just comment what you want me to read on my profile page. I expect to read the same amount as you read for me and please check out the description of the book before reading it! Thanks, -A. G. Austin

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about 1 month ago Anna M said:

Thanks for the follow and welcome to figment!


about 1 month ago A.D. Emile {Kyron} said:

Welcome to figment!


about 1 month ago MaryAnn said:

Hello, fellow figgie! Would you like to join my group? You don't have to...if you don't want to...but trust me, you won't regret it! There are many things out there that need to be taken care of. Animal testing, slavery, and abortion. We the Generation is a group under construction fighting against abortion. If you have feelings about this topic, or you are against abortion, please join this group. Hello! Let me introduce myself! Here at Figment we are all super nice to one another...we love each other like we are best friends! If you ever need advice or help or have ANY questions, just come on over and ask! Oh, and I'm almost at 200 followers. If you help me get there, (by following,) you'll automatically be entered into my 200 follower giveaway! You don't have pressure at all! Oh, and if you ever need a cover, I give free covers to my followers. Limit of 2 FREE ones, then you have to read, comment, heart and react on one of my stories or poems. You can check out some covers on my profile page!! Anyways, I hope I can make you feel at home! All the best, ~MaryAnn P.S. Dear witch/wizard, We are pleased to inform you have a place at Harry Potter- The Ultimate Role Play. Term begins on July 1st. We await your owl. Yours sincerely, Dumbledore Hogwarts Express


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