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    Sciamachy Noun. 'Shadow fighting'

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    Raven in Flight

    "There are some circumstances which present themselves in the course of human history that nearly always present inhumane suffering an…

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    Perfection cannot let imperfection stand

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5 days ago VirtualCavern said:

Hey there Corliss!

Poetry season is in full effect! And over at The Virtual Cavern, we are currently looking for aspiring poets to help promote, advertise, and grow their work - all a part of our “Poetry Podcast”. Depending on the amount of submissions each and every week, we will release a daily, brief, 3-5-minute podcast basically featuring an aspiring poet, and reading one of their written poems/pieces they have provided to us. We will first discuss a little bit about the featured poet based on the bio they send us, read one of their works, and close with where listeners can find and read more of his or her works, such as right here on Figment!

If you would like to have an opportunity to have your poem/sonnet feature on our site, simply send us a comment on our Figment Page along with a brief bio about yourself and little bit about how you got into writing, what you enjoy about it, etc. You can also submit this info to us via our email at

We hope to hear from you soon!


6 days ago Roanoke Wilde said:

Hehe. Nice.

I'm definitely enjoying it...I can see a lot of stuff in there that could TOTALLY be happening to our society today (it's set in the future). It's crazy. O_o


7 days ago Roanoke Wilde said:

Ooohh...Inkheart is good.


7 days ago Roanoke Wilde said:


Nope, not really. I mean, I'm still on that Ted Dekker series. You?


7 days ago Alecia Walls said:

I've started a group and I'd love for you to be one of the first to join, it's called Women United This isn't for feminist though I am all about women's rights.This isn't about Pro life or not Pro life. This is about women joining together to discuss books, to meet other women, and etc

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The Reckoning

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This is excellent! It reads like a real book you would pick up at a bookstore and certainly draws you in enough to make you buy it. (I wo... Read More »

To the Innocent;

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Wow. Great premise and execution and just... wow. You did an excellent job of making the reader feel what the character was feeling, and ... Read More »