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About Me: Lucienne Diver writes young adult and adult fiction, frequently with humor, but always with heart. Her latest release, Faultlines, is about a girl whose world is turned upside down by her best friend’s suicide. When her investigation into the events leading up to Lisa’s death put her in danger, she has to decide whether to live life safely and quietly as she has been or take a stand, no matter the cost. Her YA vampire novels (the Vamped series) feature a teen fashionista who goes from chic to eek when she wakes up as one of the undead, finding more humanity in death than she did in life. Her urban fantasy series (the Latter-Day Olympians) present a heroine with more than a drop of gorgon blood, who can literally stop men in their tracks. Lucienne gives both her series a unique spin, approaching the books with a healthy sense of the absurd and characters who know how to stand their ground.

Published Books

  • Faultlines - front cover final


    Six months ago Vanessa Raines lost her best friend.

    Lisa had changed, pushing away everyone close to her, even Vanessa. She had quit soccer. Started wearing dark and dismal clothes. She refused every offer to talk and suffered whatever she was going through in silence. Now she’s really gone. Suicide they claim, but Vanessa knows that isn’t right. It can’t be.

    Vanessa blames herself for letting Lisa chase her off. She wants answers, so that she can put to rest the rumors surrounding Lisa’s death and so that she can move on, heal. But Lisa left no note and the journal she was always scribbling in—which might tell all—is mysteriously missing.

    As Vanessa struggles to come to terms with the loss of her friend and to reconstruct the last months of Lisa’s life, someone calling themselves “Poetic Justice” begins taking revenge against those he or she thinks drove Lisa to suicide. Everyone at school believes Vanessa is this mysterious “Poetic Justice”. It’s easy to blame the former best friend, and Vanessa makes an obvious target.

    Struggling with her own guilt, Vanessa is determined to ignore the threats and allegations aimed her way. But as Poetic Justice’s vengeance takes a darker turn, retaliation against Vanessa begins to escalate, from cyber bullying to violence, putting both her and the little sister she adores in the line of fire. To protect them both, she has to find out who’s behind the attacks before things turn deadly. And hope she can survive the truth.

  • Fangtastic final


    Gina Covello, heroine of Vamped and Revamped, has to face a cadre of killer kids in this third novel. Her new mission puts her smack dab in the middle of the sunshine state, bitter-sweet since her tanning options are now eternally non-existent. She, her boyfriend Bobby, and her BFF Marcy must face off with vampire lifestylers, including the steampunk Burgess Brigade, some of whom have gone rogue and decided to start their own little Manson family. If that’s not enough to handle, the Feds want Gina to get in good with the true vampires running the clubs the kids frequent to find out what deeper doings might be behind it all. Only Gina starts to suspect that her own handlers at the spy shop aren’t completely on the up and up and that the bad guys aren’t all she has to investigate.

  • Badblood300

    Bad Blood

    Tori Karacis is a little more than your average private eye. Among other things, her family line may or may not trace back to a drunken liaison between the god Pan and one of the immortal gorgons. It may be just coincidence that her glance can literally stop men in their tracks, or that her family sports enough irregularities to keep the Rialto Bros. Circus in business. Then again, maybe not.

    Tori’s debilitating fear of heights has kept her out of the family acrobatic troupe, but her extreme nosiness fits right in with her Uncle Christos’ private investigation business, where she was apprenticing when he disappeared on an Odyssean journey to find himself. Muddling through on her own, she’s reduced to hunting (not stalking, as that would just be weird), brass-bra’d Hollywood agent Circe Holland in order to deliver her a message…only to witness her murder by something that looks like the creature from the black lagoon.

    Suddenly, all of her family’s tall tales seem a bit more believable, especially when Apollo—the Apollo out of myth and legend, though now hiding out among humans as an film star—appears in her office, looking to hire her. She knows the stories and that tangling with gods never works out well for their human lovers, but she’s drawn to Apollo in a way she can’t resist, even given her feelings for one very hot and hardened cop.

    Her love life has to take a backseat to the danger at her door, though it’s a toss-up which will kill her quickest.

  • Revamped final


    In Revamped, fanged fashionista Gina Covello and her boyfriend Bobby are sent undercover to infiltrate a New York high school where some seriously weird stuff is going down. Worse than that, Gina’s new super-secret identity is as goth-girl Geneva Belfry. No color palette to speak of. More chains than a bike rack. And don't even get her started on the shoes. At least she won’t be too worried about blood spatter when kicking the butt of her newest nemesis, who’s decided that the high school makes a perfect playground.


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