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    Blood Baths

    Two fashionista's; Mark Sayer and Bella Meds get bitten on the night of Halloween at a costume party at Fashion Nova; a hotel/fashion …

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    A passionate girl who understands bullying.

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    Her New Life

    Ella Perry just turned 18 years old and she already bought an apartment in Wisconsin. But when she arrives, the apartment is already g…

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    Will Never Forget You

    Will I forget you? I am not sure. But all I know is that our relationship will never be broken. Yep, that's right. Emirent will never …

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    My Life Poem

    A short poem. My first time writing this, so be expressive about it.

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    Undercover Agents

    This is about 5 undercover agents working in a group called The Organization. This is based off a family show called K.C. Undercover.

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My Reviews

Crystal Stars

(3 months ago)

So sad. I cried inside. So scary. Good story. Read More »

Just One Glance

(4 months ago)

Okay. I love your book. It is so exhilarating and passion and it moods me. That's how I wrote my book called, I Lost My Life. Can you che... Read More »