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    Sia's Apprentice

    On the night of Sia's best friend's quiencenera, she meets a girl named Sierra. Sia then thinks she should have an apprentice. But she…

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    My Life Poem

    A short poem.

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    Undercover Agents

    This is about 5 undercover agents working in a group called The Organization. This is based off a family show called K.C. Undercover.

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    The World Among Us

    The world among us. Ever since I became a sophomore, life is great. THEN, after summer break, everything changes. Best friends Astral …

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    College Band

    "Hey, what are you guys doing? This is for college bands only." the man said. "Well, we are a band, and we're in college. And anyone …

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    I Lost My Life

    The picture shows a pretty girl but she may not look like she is blind, but she is. I look up and wake up in a hospital bed. The nurs…

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Just One Glance

(15 days ago)

Okay. I love your book. It is so exhilarating and passion and it moods me. That's how I wrote my book called, I Lost My Life. Can you che... Read More »

A Pianist

(23 days ago)

Hey guys. Plz read my book. I've written 10 chapters so far so you will have time to read. I need more inspiration I will give you guys ... Read More »