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  • Red_abstract
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    The Invasion of the Giants

    Frank was just a normal everyday 13 year old boy until the Invasion of Giants terrorized his home Village, Ramos. They used to live at…

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  • Cover for my book
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    The Extreme War Of Darkomega pt 1

    Let's welcome back the rough draft of When Cithians Attack. I promise you it's way better than "When Cithians Attack". The only thing …

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  • Book coveer for the lost kingdom
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    The Lost Kingdom

    Glenn Hatchett was a normal everyday 13 year-old boy until the day he met Destiny Catalina, a Psychic from another dimension that can …

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  • A possible threat
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    A Possible Threat

    When Kaimer Jones and his best friend, Walker Walsh discover a unknown terrorist that plans to blow up the empire state building and t…

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    When Cithians Attack

    Thank you Lauren S. for the wonderful cover. What if you had the power to shoot beams of power out of your hands? Skyrid was just an a…

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  • A broken kingdom (1)
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    A Broken Kingdom

    When Princess Raya got kidnapped, the Kingdom became confused and didn't know what to do. They immediately started taking random peopl…

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Talk to me!


4 months ago Sophia Edwards said:

If you haven't yet, I'd recommend reading "Red Rising". While it's not exactly like you're story, I think it could give you some inspiration on how to connect action with dialogue. It reminded me of your piece in a way that it made me think that you would benefit and your writing would benefit from reading it. Good luck!


5 months ago Sophia Edwards said:

I have to be honest, I don't think I'll be able to read more of your piece. I have a ton of work to do and don't think I can dedicate the time to give it a good thorough review. Fortunately, a lot of the things I picked up seemed to be repetitive. SO If you use the notes I've already given you, that should already help your piece!

Good luck!


5 months ago Sophia Edwards said:

Hey, so I'm going through your piece. I'm very detailed in my notes, but PLEASE DON'T BE DISCOURAGED. I just like to be detailed to make your writing as good as it can be. i'm just writing the way I would want someone to edit my piece. If you have a problem with the way I leave notes, let me know. If you have any questions, let me know.


5 months ago Sophia Edwards said:

Got it! I'll send you my notes by the end of the week!


5 months ago Sophia Edwards said:

Just send me the info to my email! It's on my profile

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Of Love & Justice

(7 months ago)

This is a bit fast paced. I would try slowing it down a bit and slowly introduce us to the world Myla lives in. I didn't notice any spell... Read More »

Diary in The Life of a Dancing Girl

(11 months ago)

This is a good read. A bit fast-paced though. From reading only the first chapter, I suggest you slow it down a bit add some in additiona... Read More »