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    The Gift

    What would the world actually be like if superheroes exist? The Gift tells the story of a boy name Raito learning that he possesses so…

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4 days ago Mickey Mouse said:

Thank you for your review. I will definitely be going into Phil's motivations more later. The reason he has recess is that he goes to a Catholic school it's K-8th, so there's no middle school exactly. The Catholic school setting is important, so I'm trying to keep certain details as accurate as possible to what I remember. Kamen Rider Fourze looks interesting.


8 days ago Kate Emerson said:

Hey, Thanks for joining the group "Deeply Dedicated," When you get a chance to forget to respond to the forums posted!

Wings of an eagle profile

9 days ago WingsofAnEagle said:

So a fellow fig recently inspired me to go manic... (something I never expected to do..) so I created a group called, "The Snorting Society".

Awesome right? My thoughts exactly! (don't worry, I'm still 20 percent sensible..)

Therefore, this is a formal *snort* (..or maybe not so formal..) invitation to join the ranks of nutcases! LOL...

You are probably wondering if there is anything worthwhile in a group dedicated to snorts...well there is!

We have: (or will soon have)

1.Games 2.Contests 3. reviews 4. snorts (you knew that was coming) 5. discussions 6.weirdness 7. swaps 8.awesome stuff you wont find anywhere else

Hope to see you there soon! My most sincere and snorty apologies if you chance to hate spam!!! ~Willow


9 days ago Luke Webb said:

I read some of your book and found that it was well put together.

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10 days ago Reiga said:

Yeah I had to stop reading about ch.3 then did the swap thing real quick earlier today bc I had a doctors appointment. Of course now I've read all I can^^ I hope to see more from you soon! :)

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I'm not amazing at grammar so since I didn't notice any grammar errors while reading probably means there isn't any major ones that stand... Read More »


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When reading the plot I couldn't help but think of a series called Kamen Rider Den-O which has a similar plot of monsters granting wishes... Read More »