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  • Destiny-prepares-mars-art-and-science-tour-for-friday-473459-2
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    The dust prison

    A prisoner who's been experimented on for years on the bandit planet mars create's a Psychotic personality that takes control of their…

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  • Books of sorrow(cover)
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    Books of Sorrow

    history of Oryx the taken king who is the victim of his own story. Read through his story of rising from weak to strongest of his sibl…

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  • Heraldry
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    Nap time

    A dragon wakes from a century long nap to find a human who wants to kill him,for no reason.just a short story i wrote a few months ago…

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  • Nzuw4k
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    Recovery: Lost Light (Destiny fanfic)

    666 years after the golden age began.the darkness arrived, destroying everything humanity built, reducing it to a precious few. humani…

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The Surface

(about 19 hours ago)

I love chapter 1! I love it how emotional, but I find it weird how two people who are friends are wondering why its so dark, and how the ... Read More »

living on death's land

(about 1 month ago)

If I sound harsh/jerk lordish I don't mean to be. anyways to the review. A few problems i noticed was sometimes you couldn't tell If she ... Read More »