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    A baby girl is left on another planet by mistake, and raised by aliens. But the humans find her again. How will she survive and fit in…

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    Girl's Best Friend

    Hi. I'm Ainsley Paige, and I want you to meet my best friend, who has saved my life. Because I'm different. In fact, I'm deaf. Now, li…

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    Not Even Death Can Finish Me Off

    Story of a girl in a family of people who have a disease called Cystic Fibrosis

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    Work of the Devil

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    Long Lost

    Aidan is a normal teen living a normal life. Or is he? When Aidan discovers his ability to see and communicate with ghosts, he meets a…

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    Fallen Star

    Eva Rayn has gone through more in three years than most kids do in their life time; Plane wreck, family loss, and adoption. Travel wit…

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2 days ago Rebecca Maen said:

Please comment which book you want me to update regularly! Thanks!


6 days ago Kayla Amaro said:

Are you a young writer working on some awesome projects? Join my new group: Young Authors. We do swaps, weekly prompts, advice columns, and soon, collaborations :)


12 days ago Tasha said:

Doing a POV on the dad will be a bit difficult the only thing I can come up with is the hate he felt I could never seem to get in his head and figure out what went through his mind when he would hit me or my mom or brother

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18 days ago Prince of Terakruka said:


24 days ago Cali Aguon/Johanna Opal said:

I've written another chapter for "The Wolfhound Man"

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It Started

(12 days ago)

Please continue this story! I love the multiple POVs. Maybe you could do one from Dad's POV? Read More »

I Am Korra, Just Let Me Sing

(12 days ago)

I like this start, please continue! Read More »