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    Stockholm Syndrome

    She got sucked into his world, his violent, abusive, destructive world, and she can't find her way out.

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1 day ago Lauren Fricke said:

Sure! Please take a look at "First Star I See", and let me know when to return the favor!


1 day ago Paige Johnson said:


1 day ago Paige Johnson said:

??? IDK why but I think Fig is censoring the second part of my review ????? It wwont let me post it anywhere even though I can see it before I hit post.


1 day ago Paige Johnson said:

idk why the second part of my rev wont load, but here it is:


2 days ago Abby A said:

Hey! I have a cool writing blog where I talk about my books and post short stories. Check it out if you want at

I post short stories on Tuesdays, and blog posts on Wednesdays and Saturdays!

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