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  • Conquering aincrad
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    Conquering Aincrad

    A Sword Art Online Fanfiction Story. My twist to things ;) "In 2022, a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game…

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  • The surface cover
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    The Surface

    Kaisra is the daughter of the Emperor of an underground society. As she grows up, she has to undergo training and she begins to learn …

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  • The scientist cover
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    The Scientist Who Was Supposed to Die

    One autumn afternoon, Paige Evans meets a mysterious man at the cemetery where former millionaire Walter Livingston is buried. Determi…

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  • When life meets death cover
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    When Life Meets Death

    Lyvia loves her purpose of giving the breath of life. Until she meets Sephtis, who kills everything that he touches. Lyvia is determin…

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  • Spy countess cover
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    Spy Countess

    Major General Charles Cornwallis will always be known as the general who surrendered at the last battle of the American Revolution, en…

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  • Maiden cover
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    Maiden in the Mask

    A girl doesn't know her name, her origins, where she is, or why she's trapped. She doesn't know why someone trapped her in the mask. O…

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about 5 hours ago Ana Lopez said:

Hi! Do you know when the short story contest results going to come out, or when the next story contest will come out?


about 17 hours ago Psylight said:

Hey there, just a thought:

Would it be agreeable that I also recommend a weekly title for Recommendation? I feel like one may not be enough, and our tastes could provide some different samples for more diverse readers. (Not questioning your tastes at all, you understand. ^_~) And if you're agreeable to this, should the titles I choose come from the pool of the members' offerings only?


1 day ago Lucifer said:

Yu should do a full review of Hellish Paradise(My FABULOUS FANFIC~)


1 day ago Angel MoonShadow said:

WHAT!!!!! Thanks so much!


1 day ago The One And Only said:

ah you're welcome (:

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(5 days ago)

Wow. This was a sad story. The ending was very powerful and filled me with a painful bitter sweetness. Here are some minor points to take... Read More »


(5 days ago)

This is a very heartfelt, beautiful story. I'm sure every girl has been through a similar experience at one point or another. I like how ... Read More »