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    The Lightcatcher

    **A reader's pick for Top 2013 Stories!** A girl with salt in her blood. A boy who has something she wants most of all. Bruises on pal…

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    Books, Tea, and Strawberries

    His name was Kint. Strawberry-gold hair and honey in my tea and summer.

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    Skin Like Glass

    "She was born with skin like glass..." Figment daily theme.

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    A brief intro to a novel I hope to write sometime.

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    House of the Winds

    The story that inspired The Lightcatcher. Published <a href="http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/ReaganDyer">HERE</a> **Up for a limited…

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    Stars in Your Fingers

    I call him the Stargazer, because I guess that's what he is. He sees them too. PUBLISHED <a href="http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Reag…

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Talk to me!


over 2 years ago Astrid Hartman said:

*pats Jackie's shoulder* I completely understand :) I wasn't on Figment for over a year and just came back this past June so who am I to talk?

I hope you find your inspiration *begins looking around feverishly for it* and that you're able to get back on more often. I miss seeing you and talking ^.^


about 3 years ago Melanie Camacho said:

I know you don't do swaps so I was just wondering if you would read my beandon Sanderson contest entry. If you like it can you comment and heart it? It's a heart contest thank you even if you don't! http://figment.com/books/862657-No-Title


about 3 years ago cassidy said:

I might have been promoting a little. Yknow, here and there. Everywhere. Everybody. I'm going to make you famous. You should hire me as your agent someday. ;)



about 3 years ago Ninja Reader Aerin said:

awesome. mission accomplished. :D *pumps fist* you're very welcome. I meant everything I said, and could've rambled on in praise for quite a while more. I never mentioned the setting, which I quite adore as well... your book is amazing. ;) you deserve to grin like an idiot.

and I'd heard as much, but am hoping you can carve out some time for this beauty of a story and get it finished. ;) (I understand, working two jobs myself tends to leave only snatches for writing.)

You are welcome. ;) I tend to only do so when it's richly deserved and you went above and beyond simply deserving it. you demanded it.

I'd seen/heard rumors of you; I'm acquainted with the lovely Linda D who has your fan club on her page. I had peeked at that a bit, and thought "I should look into her." Linda always has fantastic taste. after that, I started a fig group for book recommendations/good reads, simply because I'm not really fond of the whole swap system, and also adore reading worthy people. It's died off a bit, mostly cuz I didn't maintain it like I should, but there's still a wealth of reading and links to be had. So last night, I felt creative, but was to tired to do anything but read, so I went to that group. The lovely Apocalypse Moon had a thread in the group from a few months ago featuring you, with multiple links, I remembered I'd heard of you, and clicked. and now I'm caught hook line and sinker. XD

Me 1963

about 3 years ago Linda D said:

Ah, Fin, Still marooned on...who knows where? on the bright side, Lark is there with you. How's that working for you? It's been like...half a year now...run out of food? wait? Is anyone still alive after all this time...talk to me!!!! all I read is....! NO!!!!!

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Assassin Strike

(about 5 years ago)

I read the first chapter, and let me tell you, IT"S AMAZING! I would have read more, but I'm in a hurry. You're writing is really great... Read More »

Barrier of Answers

(about 5 years ago)

I really enjoyed this and wish you good luck in the contest. However, you have some things that can be touched upon. Whenever a charact... Read More »