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    I can't rhyme. Soz. I also stole the idea for this.

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12 days ago Ash_IsNotThrowingAway HerShot said:

Samuel Seabury should not have the ability to hack.


12 days ago Ash_IsNotThrowingAway HerShot said:

How the fuck did you do that.

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12 days ago That one creepy crazy fangirl said:

Don't say that! Your poetry is amazing! I can't even think up a good topic! I write poems about being bored. LITERALLY.


14 days ago Rainbow Drop said:

Sam i am so sorry that wasn't me speaking someone hacked my account im so sorry please forgive me


17 days ago Rainbow Drop said:

Haha funny you got the idea of your name from Ash HA! Couldn't even come up with a name for yourself and your trying to figure out who I am. I dont think thats a good idea

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