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  • Heraldry
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    The League

    (Incomplete) Phoenix has tried hard to avoid the League, but when he ends up as part of it, everything seems to be going just fine. Th…

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  • Abstract-colorful-fire-wallpaper-49345-51012-hd-wallpapers
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    Colorful Fire

    Welcome to a world with advanced technology and a government to keep people under control. If that wasn't bad enough, there are also m…

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  • Earth-earth-at-night-night-lights-41949
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    Rani Sees the World

    (Incomplete) Rani's family is trying to get her married. When she overhears a plan to get her hitched, Rani realizes that her time to …

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  • Poem cover
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    Words of a Dreamer

    Poetry from the mind of a dreamer.

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  • Red_abstract
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    The Labyrinth

    A short story about people who help children by killing their monsters. It is complete.

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  • Water
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    A very short story.

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2 days ago L.Greene said:

They're killing Figment, and want us to transfer to Underlined? What about our Fig friends? The community is being torn apart.

But now an alternate is in the making. A small group of Figgies are working together to build a new Figgie home!!! Help us resurrect our community, help us build the place we love. Spread the word. If you want to find out how to help, contact WingsofAnEagle or visit this page--

Screen shot 2017-06-27 at 10.22.22 pm

about 1 month ago Ava Snow said:

Hi dear figgie friends. Since the sad news that figment is closing I have felt guided to create a writing project. It would be geared toward writer, aspiring authors and book lovers. I just wanted feedback of what sort of content you (as a reader and writer) would be willing to read. Down below I have some ideas: Be willing to give me more feedback.

- Book recommendations?

- Author's Q and A

- Must read list

- Can we just talk about one of our favorite MC?

- Self Publishing 101

- Publishing House 101

- Devotionals

What else? and would you be interested in image/video/one paragraph blog? Please be honest.

Thank you for your time


Ava Snow


about 1 month ago L.Greene said:

Brown haired blue eyed

about 1 month ago LeChevalierRoland said:

It is. I'm moving to the Writer's Cafe with Kayla. Same username

Brown haired blue eyed

about 1 month ago LeChevalierRoland said:

Have you heard about Figment shutting down????

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Vial of T

(about 1 month ago)

Wow wow fricking wow. I absolutely loved this! It was amazing to understand what was going on as you read. It was such an interesting con... Read More »

The Silver Star Hotel: Part One

(about 1 month ago)

Let me start off by saying: wow. I didn't find any errors. The descriptions and details are written very smoothly, and you introduced the... Read More »