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  • Guardian
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    ©2012 Bree was stuck in the foster system after her parents died. There was only one day left till she turned 18, till her birthday se…

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  • The bond
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    The Bond

    ©2012 Evelyn chase had everything anyone could want, but she wasn't happy. When her parents adopt a 17yr old boy everything changes. L…

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  • They speak to me cover
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    They Speak To Me

    ©2012 Perception Contest Finalist! You don't lock up one of the supernatural without a little chaos...

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  • Past and present collide
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    Past and Present Collide

    ©2012 Meg has gone through pain, death, & heartbreak. She found out something about her life, that will change her future. Meg travel…

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  • Nnnn
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    Supernatural Summer

    ©2012 Summer Reading Contest Finalist! Aria has to spend the summer at her grandma's, but a horrible memory on a summer night ruins it…

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  • Om
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    Once In A Lifetime

    ©2012 Dream Date Contest Finalist! I'm counting the days till that special someone *cough brothers best friend cough* asks me out and…

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over 3 years ago Scarlett Rosalie Mikaelson said:

Hello, would you be willing to take some time out of your day and read my new poem Alone & Broken. Thank you.


over 3 years ago Sophia♩♪♫♬ said:

First of all, thank you for taking the time to check out this advertisement! I can't tell you how much it means to me! To get right to business, I am promoting a new group called Azkaban's Rejects. Yep, brand-spankin', fresh-out-the-box new, and we need more people to join! People who are (of course) fans of the world of Harry Potter and want to meet other people who are! This group is formatted in Role-Play style, but it's no "serious" RP. Just come in, create a character, either one of the admins will sort you, and you can jump right in! Like I said, Azkaban's Rejects is not a serious RP, which means you have the chance to collaborate with fellow members to go on adventures, pull pranks on other houses, spark friendships, and so much more, without having the admins breathing down your neck about rules and regulations. Of course, this does not mean we won't have rules and regulations! But anyone will be able to make discussions with the admins' approval (which shouldn't be hard to get!) and generally do whatever you want. Finally, our ultimate goal for this group is that we eventually have a tight-knit group of Figgies who enjoy RPing and hanging out together, and that we can eventually promote everyone to either admins or moderators. We want this to be a fun, casual group that you don't have to worry about judging or exclusion from. Thank you again so much for taking the time to read this. We hope this impresses you to take a look at our group, and maybe even join! You can find the group at: , or by simply looking up "Azkaban's Rejects" in the Figment search. And thanks for reading all that! :D


over 3 years ago America's Next Great Author said:

Follow ANGA for Volume 3 as we challenge twelve aspiring writers with weekly creative writing challenges to discover who will show, rather than tell, the world that they are AMERICA'S NEXT GREAT AUTHOR!

ANGA, Vol. 3 begins Monday, June 2nd!

"Don't just tell us you can write. Show us!"

- - - - - - - - - -

Visit the ANGAv3 group for info on rules/guidelines/prizes.

Follow the ANGA homepage to read/review past challenge winners, including ANGA winners Erica Cortez & Andrew Liu!


over 3 years ago Miles Away said:

Hi! Would you mind swapping with me? I just recently started writing and I would really love to get some feedback on my story "Happily". In return I would gladly read anything of yours.

~Miles Away


almost 4 years ago Writing Fire said:

 photo WritingFire_zps74a15432.jpg


The Capitol is waiting for your arrival! We’re giving you the chance of a lifetime! Come forth brave tributes and honor your districts! You will be rewarded well as a victor, it’s that time again for a male and female to rise out of each district and make them proud! Copy and paste the link below into your browser to be directly transported to the capitol where you can learn how to be your district’s tribute for the 71st Annual Hunger Games! Or you can search for our group under the name Writing Fire! We will be waiting to see our brave tributes there!

May your Writing Ever be in Your Favor.

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To Dream

(almost 5 years ago)

This is seriously incredible! It's so amazingly described and it's very touching. I applaud you! I like how you didn't try to squeeze a s... Read More »

Believe Me

(about 5 years ago)

Hehe Dirk! AADIRK! Sounds funny:) LOL Read More »