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2 months ago ℬøø said:

Hey Lucy! I love your story Changing Directions, and I just wanted to tell you to back everything up! Figment IS closing and will be opening a new site, but it will be TOTALLY different! Visit this link to read the whole thing:

Hope all has been well! It would be a shame to see all this hard work you put in be thrown down the drain.... :( Back up!


over 2 years ago Kyra Martin said:

Hello! I was wondering if you would consider a swap with me. I'd love it if you read Phoenix for me and left a comment/review and a heart if deserving. (Feel free to add a reaction if you want to ;) ) I'll read whatever you'd like in return.


over 2 years ago ℬøø said:

Haha, that's cool!!! Maybe I'll check it out in a little bit!!

Awww!!!!! That's alright! I still love it no matter what! It's like an awesome story! You're a great writer no matter what!!


over 2 years ago ℬøø said:

I just came to drop a quick hi!!! I've been visiting your page every night to reread Changing Directions! I just can't stop reading it! It's like one of my fav books!!! I still wish there was a sequel! :D Have you put in thought for a sequel??? I hope you've been good!!! Hope to talk to you soon!!!

Aurora borealis

almost 3 years ago Jaspen Song said:

Hello there magical person, I just released a new short story: The Austen Girl. I was hoping to get some reviews or hearts, if you're not terribly busy being amazing. If that story doesn't interest you, perhaps you could choose one of my others? Thank you for your consideration, and have a fantastical day!

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A Way to Remember

(over 4 years ago)

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Immaterial Essence

(about 5 years ago)

This is really good! And the opening paragraph is just... Wow! You're an amazing writer! Read More »