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    I started this and I don't know if I should continue it so tell me what you think...

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    As I walked down the beach I thought of her,my best friend, Cecilia. I thought back to all of those days when we were kids and we woul…

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    Forever and Always

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    Crazy Twisted Love

    This is my first complete piece. It is fiction.I entered it in the Seventeen Magazine Contest! So heart it and tell me how you like it…

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Talk to me!


over 4 years ago Wholockian said:

*Not a swap*

Hello there! You have been invited to the *cough* absolutely amazing *cough* most interesting writing group on Figment, 69 Figment Row!

We have contests and classes, across all genres. It's a tailor made experience for YOU and YOU only. You ask, we deliver! :)

So come on down! You'll have the time of your Figment life!

Much love, xx

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almost 5 years ago Wisteria Birch said:

Would you like to swap? Please go to my wall. In the "About Me" section of my info. three books are listed that I'd love to have read, hearted, and commented on/reviewed. Just choose one of them, or more if you'd really like--whichever you find seems most interesting, by either the title or cover. I feel if you take part in the decision as to which book you read, your feedback will be more genuine. A free swap would be nice, but if you need a swap, that's fine. I'll read/heart/comment on any book of your choosing, so long as it complies with the standards set forth in the “About Me” section on my wall. Just let me know what you'd like me to read. Thanks! -Wisteria

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almost 5 years ago Beatriz Romero said:

Hi! Would you like to swap? If so, please read and heart "Gwen" if you like it. I will happily read anything of yours in return :)


almost 5 years ago Halena Sparks said:

Hi, I’m in the Catherine contest. I would love it if you read my entry, Written in the Stars, and heart it (if you deserved). Please help me and I will read anything in return (I won’t necessarily heart your work if you heart mine but I will try my best to give an honest review). If you already received this message or don’t do swaps, then I am so sorry and feel free to ignore. Have a good day!


over 5 years ago OvercomingDyslexic said:

Hey, it's Lexi :) So I wrote this short story that's kind of a spin-off of The Little Mermaid and I was wondering if you might check it out? I'd like to know if it's relatable enough and it could really use a heart if you like it. But only if you like it. It's my dream to be published one day so I have to know if my stories are actually likeable, right? ;) The story's called Language of Love (And Water) if you have the time to read it over :)

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