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    The Buccaneer's Reckoning

    "Loosen the rigging, belay the ballast, and hang tight! Things are about to get rough." Millie Vail is a swashbuckling pirate captaiā€¦

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    Poems of the Soul

    A book of poems written out of emotion. Of heartache, love, and so much more.

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Fox ash

30 days ago That one creepy crazy fangirl said:

Hey, sorry, I can't get on weekends.

Fox ash

about 1 month ago That one creepy crazy fangirl said:

hey, it's your turn on the private rp. I know that you probably think it's pointless to do it right as figment is shutting down, but I want to continue.

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about 1 month ago Jesse Saving said:

Hey there. I know the Hero Rp is very dead. But when Underline gets back up. Maybe after some adjustment time. Do you want to retry? There will be many new people on there looking for a roleplay or something, and that way it would be fresh, with a lot of new people. So it for sure go for a while and probably have lots of members! It's just a thought though. I will still do it even if you don't reply. I don't expect you to really. But Just throwin it out there anyways.


about 1 month ago Lyria said:

That's cool, i just wasn't sure what happened.


about 1 month ago Lyria said:

Hey! I don't know if you're still active here but if you are we are the last ones on team hearts.

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(2 months ago)

Interesting story line! What I'd recommend is doing more scenery details, explain surroundings more, how the weather is, cause it's hard ... Read More »

Discernment 101

(2 months ago)

I definitely see a lot of potential with this work. I'd suggest going back over for spelling corrections. Other than that awesome start! Read More »