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    The Buccaneer's Reckoning

    "Loosen the rigging, belay the ballast, and hang tight! Things are about to get rough." Millie Vail is a swashbuckling pirate captaiā€¦

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    Poems of the Soul

    A book of poems written out of emotion. Of heartache, love, and so much more.

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1 day ago That one creepy crazy fangirl said:

There is a new group on my profile called Private roleplay. Join it. I know it said do not enter, that's for everyone else.


8 days ago Mariella Baird said:

Hello fellow writer!

My name is Mariella and I have recently created a society for like-minded and focused individuals. Do you take your writing seriously and want it to play an important role in your future? If so, please consider applying to The Silver Society. To join, simply go to my profile and the group is right at the top of my group list. Have a fantastic evening!

Well regards, Ms. Mariella Baird


9 days ago Kayla Amaro said:

Hellooo! This is an invitation to be one of the first to join my new group: Kayla's Writer's Workshop! It's more on the collaborative side where you can get help and learn some tips for writing.

You can work on creating characters, brainstorming concepts for stories, and review some lessons I have on different aspects of writing. I also offer free beta reading, free reviews, and covers!

If you're interested, join today! ^^


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(about 20 hours ago)

Interesting story line! What I'd recommend is doing more scenery details, explain surroundings more, how the weather is, cause it's hard ... Read More »

Discernment 101

(about 21 hours ago)

I definitely see a lot of potential with this work. I'd suggest going back over for spelling corrections. Other than that awesome start! Read More »