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    A Visit from the Men in Black

    As I worked on a school paper on something slightly clandestine, I receive a visit from two unwelcome visitors. Fictional

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    Discernment 101

    As he walks into his new Christian school, Charlie wonders what his pre-filled elective class will entail. He soon finds that there i…

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    My Tale of Woes

    A poem I wrote as a vent of the cabin fever that comes with being homeschooled.

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    The Sister

    A poem of woes, made in anger with my sister

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    Tired (rap song)

    To any rappers out there, here is a couple bars,just cite me as your writer.

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about 1 hour ago A.R. KYRON said:

Your cover is up :)


about 14 hours ago Daniel Smith said:

I just feel like there is a million things, including a project I have for enrichment which is a novel. I am just getting crazy lol


about 14 hours ago Trin Aster said:

Thanks for the follow

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Samuel King's last message to the world.

(4 days ago)

I like your abrupt endings, leaving us hanging like the works of the greats. Edgar Alan Poe would end on or a little after the climax, t... Read More »

The Gun

(7 days ago)

Ian, I must say that this is some pretty good work. It is just a small encounter, but even for someone who has 3 working guns in my home... Read More »