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    If you could have one wish granted, what would it be? Superpowers? True love? World peace? All the money you could ever want? Well let…

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Talk to me!


about 3 hours ago Dani Scarlett said:

You're welcome! You're a great writer :)


about 6 hours ago On The Verge Of Insanity said:

thanks for reading my book. I'll try to update this week :)


about 21 hours ago Carson Sandell said:

Yes I am still wanting feedback on Dreams. I am excited to read Marionette. Thank you. :)


about 24 hours ago Charming Quill said:

I would love to swap! Sorry it took forever to respond. I'm busy transitioning from my old job into my new one, so things have been crazy. I'd appreciate it if you could read some of Realm of the Dragons and give some feedback on it. In return, I'll read whatever you want. Just let me know. Thanks. ;)


1 day ago Alecia Walls said:

I'm sure you'll do great in the group and learn fast I hope I mean just ask if you need help on the admins and Mods only discussion and we'll try to help :)

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(1 day ago)

I really liked your story! I kind of felt sad that there was only one chapter. I also noticed its tagged with short story? But its not do... Read More »

Alternate Us

(1 day ago)

Your story is nice ^^ made me laugh a ton of times. Just so u know Lola is my fav character XD I like your style of writing as well, its ... Read More »