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  • The hotel room
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    The Hotel Room

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  • Lightsout.jpeg
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    Lights Out

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  • Burntout
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    Burnt Out

    Okay, the real beginning is up. It will be changing every now and then because I am adding more. I really have more than an hour of co…

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  • Therecanonlybe2
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    There Can Only Be

    *WIP-I'm just adding to this and writing. Editing is coming along* There can only be so many. Jennie Loraine Teska has been writing fo…

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  • Chronosandkairos2
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    Chronos and Kairos

    The first edition in the time wrap series. Sisters, Chronos and Kairos are running. Their past haunts them, and so does their ever imp…

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  • Stopcopyingme
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    Stop Copying Me

    A small excerpt from a story that I'm writing. (The title won't make sense until more of the story is posted!)

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Talk to me!


3 months ago C. Van Asch (Chesster) said:

Figment is moving to Underlined! Either transition when Underlined opens or find a new writing website. Save your writing!



about 3 years ago Bubby Gump said:

Hello good sir or madame! I was wondering if, in the last few moments of twilight, you would be willing to swap! If you read and comment upon my story "Wonder of Wonders" I will do the same for a story of your choice. Thank you for your consideration. -Bubby Gump


about 3 years ago William Carter said:

Heyyy, have you heard anything from the Figment bosses yet?

Writer at work

about 3 years ago Andera Novak said:

Hi there, I just got back to Figment and was wondering if you would still like to swap stories?


about 3 years ago Marissa LaPorte said:

Hello, I was wondering if you would be interested in a swap.

If so, could you please read "To Discover Beauty in Death" and leave a comment with your honest opinion and any suggestions (if you have the time for a comment) and a heart if you find it worthy. I will do the same for a piece of your choice. Please comment on my wall what you would like me to read and I will get to it as soon as possible.

Thank you!

NOTE: This is not a heart swap and I will READ your work.

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(about 4 years ago)

<b>Review:Utopia/Dystopia</b> Keep in mind everything I say here is only my opinion and take on your piece. In the end it is, of cours... Read More »


(about 4 years ago)

<b>Review: Vanisher</b> This is a review intended to better your work. Please take all corrections, suggestions, and comments with an ... Read More »