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  • The space between (1)
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    The Space Between

    200 children between the ages of 7 and 18 were sent to space 8 years ago for scientist to study. When the children begin to try taking…

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  • Through the past1 (1)
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    Through the Past

    Kaylee Caverly doesn't know she is the descendant of the famous James and Kathryn Caverly, the King and Queen of the Traigon kingdom. …

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over 4 years ago Inmodica Runningjump said:

Step in the Ring. Round one begins on August 24th.

Manga angel

over 4 years ago Mary Peters said:

Congratulations! You've won a contest! Wouldn't you love to hear that? Well, in this group, you can!

Hello! Do you love being in or making Contests? Do you want to get your stories out there and get popular fast? Do you want unlimited free hearts? Need cover ideas? Maybe you just need some prompts? If that's a yes to any of those questions, join this group for constant contests! The more that join, the more contests and prizes!


over 5 years ago ataa001 said:

Hey would you like to read my story: "The Spy Game" In return I will read one of your stories. Thanks again


over 5 years ago Emily Tull said:

It's okay. I know how to make 'em now. thanks anyway. :)


over 5 years ago Lily Rayne said:

IM SO SORRY I NEVER MADE THE COVER!! I would now but i dont know what story you're talking about cause none of them are the same title that you put on the forum :/

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