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almost 3 years ago The Strayed Wannabe said:

HI there! Just want to offer swap. Can you please give me a honest feedback with my story "The Hibernation"? I will do the same in return if you entertain this offer. Thank you. I am looking forward for your honest feedback!

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almost 3 years ago SealLover4 said:

Hey...I'm not sure if you remember me....but I've wanted to start writing again but I'm getting no ideas. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do cuz we used to talk a lot long ago. If so, would you maybe want to write it together? Sort of as a comeback to writing. Thx hope you're doing well.

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over 3 years ago Sky said:

Yeah, it's far from hear too. And yeah, I have an email. eskyking@gmail.com


over 3 years ago Morrigan said:

Do you like the movie How To Train Your Dragon? well if you do come check out my new book Astrid and Stormfly's story. If you want to you can review it and tell me what you want me to review and i will. If not please enjoy reading my story, i hope you like it.

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over 3 years ago Sky said:

OMG YOU'RE ALIVE :) lol and I've been good. I'm in Germany right now on vacation. You're still in school?

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My(Late)Husband Herman Mildew

(over 5 years ago)

Hey! This is Voldemort. I will kill you... Just joking! Ha ha. I like the story but it's kind of confusing how you're talking about th... Read More »

The Pink Diver

(almost 6 years ago)

Wow! I love the story! It is a lesson/fantasy/descriptive piece. It's amazing! Read More »