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  • Trust
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    How To Trust

    Sadie Langston has leukemia. She was diagonosed 5 weeks ago, but they caught it late. Everyone at school treats her like she's dying -…

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  • Adsdff
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    On The Road

    June Britton was overall, sick of her life. She was sick of not having anyone around, and having a boring job and plain people surroun…

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  • Glsddh
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    A Princess In A Forest

    Sienna Newcombe has always been the artsy, "I-don't-care" type. She has lived in Maine her whole life, without parents. It's not as if…

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  • Dga1
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    Don't Get Attached

    June Sadie has learned one thing in life. Not to get attached. She was attached to her parents and her sister and her ex-boyfriend and…

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  • Sh
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    Summer Houses

    Sienna, Hallie, and Remy were friends all through high school, and now it's summer. They're all going their seperate ways to college i…

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  • Cicitydkjs
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    Short story. Sad. Part II of my Rain series-thingy. *NOTE: Read "Rain" first! They're about the same girl, and the story goes backward…

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over 1 year ago Rebekah Fowler said:

Ford mustang

almost 3 years ago CeceO (On&off) said:

Hello, what a day it is! Just popped by to ask if you wanna swap? If you do, (which I hope so)(if you don't then sorry if I am bothering you), please check out either WIP ON THE RUN, WIP ADDICTIONS, DISTURBIA or LIFE OF CRIME (I may be taking that down soon). Thank you & have a great day!


about 3 years ago Ignorant-to-Life said:


about 3 years ago Ali Thomsen said:

Hey there! Would you like to swap? If so could you please read my story "I Can't Change"? This story is my entry for the King Dork Approximately Contest. I will read anything in return! ~Ali Thomsen

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over 3 years ago Ryann Ravenwood said:


My name is Ryann Ravenwood, an author and blogger on these world-wide webs. I started off writing on this small site, more like a community, called Figment when it had about 700 people. Now, I'm published and doing pretty well in this competitive career but I want to expand. I'm asking a bunch of owners of popular groups on Figment for partnerships which basically means they mention me in their group bio with a link to my Figment Page, Blog, Book, or Facebook Page and I mention them on my Facebook or Blog. I am very big into helping artists, especially writers, because I empathize with them. If you are interest, please email me back and we can set up what exactly you want me to advertise and vice versa.

Thank you.


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My Reviews

Secrets of the Blow Flowers

(over 5 years ago)

I liked this, especially the title. A few things to point out: In the preface, you say "Blow flowers, dandelions, weeds, whatever you... Read More »

That's Life

(almost 6 years ago)

This was alright. I didn't really think it was that grasping, but the plot has potential. I think your writing style was good, but not ve... Read More »