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about 2 years ago Anita Zamba said:

Hello, I'm Anita . I will like to be your friend only if you don't mind,please write so i can share my pictures with you,i have something very important things to discuss with you,Here is my email.(


over 2 years ago Mama Cat said:

Is it too late to join the creature group?


over 2 years ago Bad Wolf said:

We need a sad story and/or poem that will bring tears to our eyes... (sniffle). It takes mastery to fill a story with emotion, especially one like sadness, an emotion that nobody likes.

Prompt: We need a story that starts with the following sentence: "Only if I hadn't (your choice here).


First Place: One positive review, one heart, and one tear.

Second Place: One comment, one heart, one tear.

Third Place: One comment, one heart.

Must Be Entered By: June 25th

Link For Contest:


almost 3 years ago Rachel Maller said:

Hey fellow fig, if you could take a minute to check out one of my stories and possibly give some feedback that would be greatly appreciated and make my day. Best, Rachel


about 3 years ago Rachel Maller said:

Hey fellow figgie, if you could take the time to read one of my stories that would make my day. Thanks and have a nice day!

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What it means to me

(about 6 years ago)

This is great! So powerful and it really makes me believe all the things you feel when you write. I find that the first sentence is... Read More »

The Girl in the Snow

(about 6 years ago)

This is a very interesting piece! I like the two chapters, and their different meanings and presentations. The way you described the ... Read More »