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  • Statue
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    One Day They'll Build Me a Statue

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  • Ellis island
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    Great Change

    The tale of a young boy who has arrived at Ellis Island and must find his father, the only family he has in America. Based on my an…

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  • Bard
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    The Bard's Song

    A song can last longer than a man, longer than a mountain, longer than time. What does that say of the bards?

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  • Adventure
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    What is the meaning of 'adventure'? The word is as broad as our world so what could it mean?

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  • Fallen snow
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    Fallen Snow

    I added a bit at the end, tell me what you think. One man looks back on his past after losing everything. This is just an experimen…

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  • Raoch
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    Thanks to Lauren Michelle for the amazing cover! A young thief must risk life and limb to save a princess he just met and a land …

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about 1 month ago Cynthia Rose said:

Hey stranger, looks like someone else beat me here but hey, Figment is closing down. Figured I'd come by send the message too.

If you happen to check Figment before it's over, and you happen to remember me (if you don't - I think I'll quietly direct you to a roleplay called Lost Souls. It lasted a couple years and I happened to be a small part of it), I'd be more than willing to exchange contact info, If not, that's just fine too. I'll be writing my own ending to Lost Souls anyway. Spoiler alert: Maybe Joseph doesn't get the girl.

All jokes aside, you were always really fun to work with, both as a writer and as the only one who actually knew the plot and secrets of the Inbetween. The roleplay as a whole has always held a special place in my heart, and it probably always will. It's a shame that we'll never really know the ending or the workings of the world. What was the Inbetween? Why/How did people end up there? What happens when people leave? Did Eden ever get to go back to smack the Prophet? Did Dawn ever find her puppies? Did Joseph ever get a second date with Eden?

Hmm. Think that's about it. It's hard to describe the Lost Souls roleplay, really. There's nothing really like it for me. I'll miss the ragtag group of characters...even Blu. (Just kidding, Blu was just as important and heartwarming as the others).

-Cynthia Rose


about 1 month ago Scarlet River Fox said:

Figment is ending and i don't want to lose contact so i started a discord ( ) feel free to join.


over 2 years ago Laelle H. said:

That's fine, I wouldn't worry too much about it.


over 2 years ago Laelle H. said:

Hmm, it seemed really interesting, but nothing was happening. I really like the idea, and congratulate you for that.


over 2 years ago Laelle H. said:

I'm in your identities group!

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The 7 Signs of Freedom

(over 3 years ago)

Intriguing first chapter. Nice hook at the end of it and it kept my attention and makes we want to know more about the story as a whole. ... Read More »

This world is burning

(over 3 years ago)

That was a nice little poem though it had a few flaws. I noticed a few misspelled words there and some parts of it seemed forced for the ... Read More »