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  • Radical_radial
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    The Light of the Sun

    This is a poem I wrote when I was in sixth or seventh grade. Looking back on it now, it doesn't sound all that good.

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  • Warrior_by_mackoolkat
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    Silverlan Chronicles

    Toni Silverlan is a rebellious teen who have strange dreams of her pass self who was a brave warrior. Now settled in a new school in t…

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  • Lady_death_whisper_by_demiseman-d45pkuk
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    Monster Hunters: The Curse of Lerico

    Just so you'll know the art cover credit goes to DemiseMan from Meet Nazz a ghost whisperer who has a spirit guider n…

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    Tear Drops

    "I'm an outcast, I'm weak, scared easily, and shy. How can I save a whole kingdom?" A war between good and evil. Tiana Whikerson i…

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  • 406e98fbf8eaebe85ed0674eeb18c770-d2xwl63
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    Reborn of the Heavens

    Lucifer is planning a war that will destroy the human race, but for him to succeed he needs Paul. Paul is a rebellious teen with a tro…

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  • No_regrets__just_love_by_uling-d341203
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    Silver Threads

    The cover credit goes to Leo is known as a freaky kid at his school, known as a preda…

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Talk to me!

Bilbo floral

7 months ago elliiiah said:

Hi! I'm Elliah and I've just started a club for One Direction slash (or het) fanfiction. Feel free to join the club to share and talk about fanfiction with other members :)


about 1 year ago Pandarkable said:

Ne, I really like your Silver Threads book! Keep up the good work. :D ~Panda


about 2 years ago Alec Snow said:


Can we swap? If so, please read "Muse Academy". It's about a school for kids studying to be muses, simply put.

Thank you :)


about 2 years ago EYRAM(ANIME PR0!) said:

You are interesting, you seem cool! Do you want to join Anime Dimension! My dream is to be an anime singer if that is even possible. I used to want to write books until I realized I wanted to sing.


over 2 years ago Maryam Al Shawab said:

Hi ! I'm writing a hunger games fanfic called 'The boy on fire' and I would love for you to read and give me a feedback about what you think of it. Thanks May the odds be ever in your favor !

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(over 4 years ago)

The first few pages got me hooked. Your story is very creative and I can't wait to read chapter one. Read More »