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  • Radical_radial
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    The Light of the Sun

    This is a poem I wrote when I was in sixth or seventh grade. Looking back on it now, it doesn't sound all that good.

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  • Warrior_by_mackoolkat
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    Silverlan Chronicles

    Toni Silverlan is a rebellious teen who have strange dreams of her pass self who was a brave warrior. Now settled in a new school in t…

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  • Lady_death_whisper_by_demiseman-d45pkuk
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    Monster Hunters: The Curse of Lerico

    Just so you'll know the art cover credit goes to DemiseMan from Meet Nazz a ghost whisperer who has a spirit guider n…

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    Tear Drops

    "I'm an outcast, I'm weak, scared easily, and shy. How can I save a whole kingdom?" A war between good and evil. Tiana Whikerson i…

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  • 406e98fbf8eaebe85ed0674eeb18c770-d2xwl63
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    Reborn of the Heavens

    Lucifer is planning a war that will destroy the human race, but for him to succeed he needs Paul. Paul is a rebellious teen with a tro…

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  • No_regrets__just_love_by_uling-d341203
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    Silver Threads

    The cover credit goes to Leo is known as a freaky kid at his school, known as a preda…

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Talk to me!


about 1 year ago Alec Snow said:


Can we swap? If so, please read "Muse Academy". It's about a school for kids studying to be muses, simply put.

Thank you :)


about 1 year ago EYRAM(ANIME PR0!) said:

You are interesting, you seem cool! Do you want to join Anime Dimension! My dream is to be an anime singer if that is even possible. I used to want to write books until I realized I wanted to sing.


over 1 year ago Maryam Al Shawab said:

Hi ! I'm writing a hunger games fanfic called 'The boy on fire' and I would love for you to read and give me a feedback about what you think of it. Thanks May the odds be ever in your favor !


over 1 year ago Nolee Balaqua said:

 photo abcd_zps6ac90198.jpg

"Definitely well written." Kiezer Henderson

"I am so addicted" Riley Christensen

"This has to be one of the most imaginative and original plots I've seen in a long time." Natasha V.

"This is amazing!" Lauren Styles

The Mocking Girls

Take a look, for a swap if you like!


Deathly hunger

almost 2 years ago Karly said:

I hate swaps as much as the next girl, so just ignore this if you want, I’ll understand. But really, I’m not asking for a heart I’m just asking you to read my story, Moments Of Dreaded Peace, and if you like it then go ahead and heart it or (dare I say) review/comment. I’ll read something of yours and heart it if I like it and most likely comment/review it even if it might take me a bit to get back to you. Just let me know what story you want me to read on my page. Thanks for your time! Just delete this if I've accidentally re-posted.

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(about 3 years ago)

The first few pages got me hooked. Your story is very creative and I can't wait to read chapter one. Read More »