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about 3 years ago Tibby Kay said:

Hello most excellent person in the entire world. Too much? Sorry, I'll tone it back a bit.

Hey, it's Tibby here, just dropping by to see if you'd like to swap. If so, it would be lovely if you read my book 'Angel of Despair'. Keep in mind that it is a heart based contest, but also keep in mind if you don't think it's worthy, don't heart it. Simple as that. I don't want a heart just because it's the thing to do.

After you have read and reacted as you deem appropriate to my book, please drop a comment on my page to let me know what to read. It may take a moment for me to get back to you, but fear not, I will return the swap. On my honor, I swear it so.

Thank you for your time, and I'm terribly sorry if you're not into swaps. Having a splendid evening (morning, afternoon).(:


Vl_dip reads

about 4 years ago Dipreads by V.L. said:


Vl_dip reads

about 4 years ago Dipreads by V.L. said:



over 4 years ago Ellie Howell said:

Hello lovely! I was wondering if we could partake in a swap? If you could read/comment on/heart-if-you-think-it-deserves-it my piece "Beautiful Little Bright Thing" I would be much obliged, and perfectly willing to do the same for one of your pieces. It'll only take three minutes, tops. Pinky promise! Sound like a plan?


over 4 years ago astronaut said:

figmentGIF Hey! I just entered this story ^^^^^("Letting Go") in a short story contest, and I'm in DIRE NEED of hearts. PRETTY PLEASE COULD YOU HEART IT?! The contest ends in a couple of days! Help me get in the top 10! Sorry if you already received this message, and THANKS A BUNCH!

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